Tuesday, March 2, 2010

these are a few of his favorite things

In preparation for my sweet husband leaving, and having to endure this during meal time, I decided to make his favorite meals all week long. Last night we kicked it off with crabcakes, cheesy grits and butternut squash. Tonight it’s salmon, spinach and risotto (can you tell this kid likes his seafood?). I think we’re going to take a break tomorrow night and snack on some leftovers, because my parents are coming over on Thursday for a farewell dinner. I figured I would save his favorite, favorite for that night: pork tenderloin with roasted red pepper gravy. I made that a few years ago for his birthday and it’s been his request for special occasions ever since. I guess this is special enough to warrant the special dinner.

My motto? Get him good and fattened up before he leaves. He’ll lose it all anyway :)

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