Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring fever

Spring weather inspires me to be productive, creative, clean and organized, and this weekend, I covered all four! I love that it's almost 7pm and the birds are chirping like the sun just rose. I love that I had my sunroof open ALL weekend. I love my new Vanilla Lime candle. I love that my neighbors gave me daffodils from their garden to liven up my coffee table. And I love that the Lord put joy in my heart this weekend.

Did I ever tell you about my sewing machine? Andrew's parents got it for me for Christmas and though I was afraid of it at first, I have come to adore it. It stirred up Crafty Page and let's just say that I haven't been a stranger to Joann Fabric lately. I've been a bit of a night owl this week and even more so this weekend and I have a few projects to show for it. I played with my sewing machine, my hot glue gun, my paint...I even played in the dirt. Yes, I'm bragging :)

Spring napkins to complete the look in the dining room.

Attempt #1 at making a bible cover failed - so I got a makeup bag instead. Attempt #2 didn't turn out so bad!

My makeshift herb garden! I later added little stakes with different wooden cut-outs at the tip (flowers, birds, etc). Very happy.

I found this little cutie at the flea market with my mom yesterday. It's made out of an old maple syrup can and you can definitely tell by the smell. Now my guests will be greeted my syrup-scented flowers!

Go ahead, nominate me for a Southern Living or Real Simple feature. I know you want to :)

In AWC news, he got a makeover this week and is now sporting this:

Note: that is NOT Andrew. Can you imagine what he would look like with a mustache? Yikes.

3 friends said...:

  1. You are so good to post all this for us! I bet Andrew looks so handsome in his new outfit! And your house definitely looks springy!! Love to you!

  2. You are so creative and productive! I love the way you're filling your time. I know this is hard, but you've got a great spirit of adventure. We're all quite proud of you and Andrew for leaping into this plan for your future. Wish I lived closer so we could play with your sewing machine together! :-D

    Much love,

  3. Page.. Make me some napkins. :-)You take after Grandma J..

    Love, Heather


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