Tuesday, August 26, 2008


If you were to ask me what I loved most about my time at Carolina, there are many things that I would list. I loved the campus and the way it smells in the fall. I loved studying in the hidden corridors of Davis library. I loved the Dean Dome and every second that passed inside that sacred building. I loved Carroll Hall, the Student Union, A Southern Season, the Caribou on the corner of Franklin and Columbia Streets and the Bell Tower. But without a doubt, I loved the people I met more than anything. I made some amazing friends at Carolina. I met three girls who would be my roommates and best friends. I met my husband. And in August of my sophomore year, I met a group of freshmen girls that completely changed my life. I led a bible study that year and the relationships formed with those girls were absolutely priceless. All this to say, I returned to Chapel Hill this past weekend for a visit with these ladies. It was like picking up a good book and turning to the dogeared page where I'd left off. It was rejuvenating to say the least. Thank you, friends!

But the fun didn't stop there! I met Andrew back at the house just in time to hop in the car and drive to Clayton. It was my Aunt Mir's birthday and we came to babysit my cousins, Merrit and Ollie. We had a blast hanging out with them for a few hours while Mike and Mir got a break from the little ones.

Andrew, Merrit and Ollie (in the stroller) coming back from the park

Ollie on the move

Merrit making a post-nap snack

I don't think we're pros yet. We may need a few more years of babysitting before we can handle it full time :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the best medicine

Andrew and I laugh a lot. I realized that tonight and it made me happy. We laugh at each other when anyone else would think we're crazy. We laugh hard at things that happened months ago as if it were happening for the first time. We laugh in the middle of a disagreement (not on purpose) any time it gets silent for longer than 10 seconds -- and that's a very quick method of disarmament, especially for me. And Andrew has a contagious laughter, so I crack up any time he does. It's precious, I think, to have a husband that I can laugh with and I pray that we always have that. It keeps things interesting :)

"You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants."
Hearts of Atlantis

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a summer wedding

This weekend, Andrew and I went to Concord for a wedding that he was in. We stayed with his parents, and it was nice to have the chance to visit with them while we were there. On Saturday, Andrew left for the church around 11:30 and I spent the afternoon with Mrs. C. We made a throw pillow for our bedroom! She's made the curtains in both the kitchen and the living room, and they turned out beautifully. With some of the extra fabric, we decided to make pillows. I think I'll make her my personal decorator and call it a day :) What do you think?

Did I mention that Andrew wore a seersucker suit in the wedding? Not sure when he'll ever wear the complete ensemble again, but who knows...

So handsome! :)

Sunday was church and a wonderful lunch and a relaxing remainder of the afternoon before heading back to Raleigh. I was even able to squeeze in a nap! Thanks to our great hosts for a great weekend. We love you guys!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a going away party

This past weekend, Andrew and I hosted a surprise going away party for my best friend, Martha. Martha and our friend Kristi Lee (KL) stayed with me Friday night for what was supposed to be one last fun weekend with Martha before she moves overseas for a year. But we made up an excuse for Martha and KL to run some errands without me on Saturday, and in two hours we had a decorated house full of friends. Andrew and I met through mutual friends and if you asked us to name our closest friends we would probably list off the same people. That makes for a great time when we all reunite. That, of course, was a blast and Martha was really happy with her surprise. Andrew and I grilled burgers and hotdogs and all the guests helped by bringing condiments, sides and desserts. Martha's family even drove down from Hickory and my mom dropped by with a homemade peach cobbler (with peaches from my very own peach tree back home, thank you very much) It was a wonderful afternoon and we had a great time! Here are a few pictures...

We love you, Martha!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a simple introduction...

Here's how this all came to be. I (Page) am not a blogger. But I'm a blog-reader. I was reading the blog that my aunt keeps to update our family with cute pictures of my handsome little cousins. And Andrew said, "You should make a blog. Our families would love that." So here it is. The Castrodale blog. With a few glimpses into our lovely little life. We hope you find it entertaining. And as an introduction, here's a tour of our little apartment.

the Italian living room

the cafe

the brown bedroom

the carolina room (and the handsome husband)

Our life is pretty amazing. We've been married for almost five months, which sometimes doesn't seem possible. We're living in a great area, we're both working, we're getting plugged into church, we're seeing old friends and trying to make new ones--and we're married. All in all, it's an incredible blessing to be where we are. And in each day's laugh, yawn, dinner, discussion, hug, laundry, prayer, and cuddle we are reminded that the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

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