Tuesday, July 31, 2012

it's you i'm looking for

All Of My Days by Alexi Murdoch on Grooveshark

A little soundtrack for you.

I've been feeling a little sentimental about you lately.

I think it's because you're just pure joy these days. That happy little dance you do when I pick you up in the morning and the sloppy, open-mouthed kisses you like to give at bedtime and everything else you do in between. It's too much.

And then I've been watching the Olympics after you go to bed and I see these people - these kids - doing something so amazing and I think, that's somebody's Baby Jack. What will you do that will make me cry with pride? It's too much, I said.

You've given me so much in your short life. Your dad and I are those parents who lie in bed and talk about how great you are. We trade stories and laugh and feel thankful. We wonder who you'll be in a year, five years, twenty years and then we sit quietly with our thoughts, each of us picturing a grown-up you.

I want you to be kind and thoughtful and respectable, okay? Like your dad.

I guess all of this is just to say thank you. You've rescued me and healed me and made me better.

So, thank you.

Monday, July 30, 2012

dinner on a dock

Andrew left for another underway last week (sad face) and the day before we had to say our goodbyes, he came home and told me that he had some good news. "I'm taking you out to dinner," he said.

That man knows my love languages.

We changed into our date clothes, packed up some food and entertainment for the boy, and headed into Stonington to a restaurant on the water that we've wanted to try for a while.

The verdict? We'll be back.

The meals were delicious. We shared a bowl of summer corn and crab chowder that still, after five days, makes me smile to think about.

The view was lovely and the time together was sweet, especially with this little guy keeping us company.

He's typically very well-behaved when we go out, which is so nice. He was busy watching everyone and everything around him, so we were able to actually have a conversation. I'm sure the day will come when he'll be harder to handle in these situations, so we're thankful for what we have now.

And then there's this guy.

We had such a nice time together this summer, which made it extra hard to see him go. But the evening that he treated us to was the perfect way to for our little family to spend some time together before he left. Every day I'm thankful for him.

Every day.

Friday, July 27, 2012

the csa experiment: week 1

I have to say, things went much better this week that I expected. I was thinking that it would take some time to get used to having so much fresh produce around at once and that we'd have to throw out a few things, but that didn't happen. And did I mention that it's an organic CSA? So cheap and so healthy. I love it.

To recap, we had lettuce, cucumber, beets, squash, yellow wax beans, red cabbage, broccoli, turnip greens and swiss chard. 

The first thing I did was make a big salad. Andrew had duty and I didn't feel like cooking a big meal, so I just roasted the beets, hard-boiled some eggs, cooked some bacon and tossed it all together with some lettuce, cucumber, avocado and a tiny amount of ranch dressing. That was a good decision.

Last Friday night, it was rainy and chilly and the perfect soup weather. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to toss whatever veggies I have on hand into a pot and call it chili. It never disappoints.

Hodge Podge Vegetable Chili

+ One pound of hamburger
+ One onion, diced
+ One squash, diced
+ Two tomatoes, diced
+ Half a bag of Trader Joe's frozen roasted corn. (We use this in a LOT of soups. So much flavor!)
+ The leafy greens from the beets, chopped. (Is that called borscht?)
+ Garlic powder
+ Chili powder
+ Oregano
+ One bottle of a dark lager beer

Brown the hamburger while sauteing the onion and squash. Combine when the meat is cooked through. Add tomato, corn and beer. Season with garlic powder, chili powder, oregano (salt + pepper, if you want) taste. Simmer until heated through. I decided to add the beet greens at the last minute and it added some nice flavor - and nutrition! It just simmered on the stove until Andrew got home and we served it up with some cheddar cheese, sour cream and toasted french bread.

Next up was meatloaf with roasted potatoes, sauteed swish chard, baked zucchini fries and whole wheat biscuits.

The meatloaf recipe is from Southern Living and is the one my mom always uses. It's this recipe, with the sauce, but without the green peppers.

The potatoes are something I'll definitely be doing again. Recipe found here.

And the whole wheat biscuit recipe is from the 100 Days of Real Food blog. My friend, Cori, passed it along to me and while I still need biscuit-making practice, I was happy with how they turned out.

I just sauteed the swiss chard in salt and garlic. I still need to perfect those, because they were a bit bitter. Any tips?

However, the star of the show was definitely those zucchini fries. OMG.

Baked Zucchini Fries with Dipping Sauce

+ Cut zucchini (and squash!) into strips or bites - we've done both this week and I think the bites are my preference.
+ Add two eggs and 1/4 cup of milk to a gallon ziplock bag. Toss the veggies in and squish (yes, squish) around to coat.
+ Bread the veggies in a breadcrumb and parmesan cheese mixture. About 2 cups of breadcrumbs to 3/4 cup of cheese.
+ Put on a baking sheet and bake at 425 until brown (8-10 minutes)

For the sauce, I just mixed 1/2 cup of mayo, 1/4 cup of plain yogurt, worchestire sauce, lemon juice and a bit of chili powder. Y'all. I WANT TO EAT THIS EVERY DAY.

We cooked some squash up the same way the next night, but with grilled chicken, those yellow beans, cabbage and sauteed turnip greens. I cooked the chicken in a skillet and about half way through, added a cup of chicken broth, the beans and chopped cabbage. Cooking it together gave the veggies a nice flavor and it was all really tender. Who knew cabbage could be that good?

I'm happy to report that we made it through the week with very little left over by the time the next CSA batch was ready for pick-up. We didn't get a chance to eat the broccoli, so that got steamed and turned into baby food. Also a hit with the little one?

Beets. I wasn't kidding when I said he'll eat anything.

This week's pick-up included more squash and zucchini, beets, swiss chard and cucumber, in addition to tomatoes, purple carrots (purple?) and potatoes.

Also, I spent a total of $15 on groceries this week, just on the staples.

I win.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

jack's dedication

I never told you about that day, did I?

It happened around Christmas, when all of our family was in town - just twelve days before we moved to Connecticut. Jack was two months old.

With his great-grandparents.
With his godparents, my aunt and uncle.
We wanted to have Jack dedicated at Grace, the church we were a part of for the 18 months that we lived in Charleston. They were our family and we wanted them to be with us that day. I am seriously getting teary-eyed just thinking about those people. And thinking about (hopefully) being with them again sometime over the next few years.

I talked about them a little bit here, soon after we moved away. And for the record, I'm still just as homesick for them as I was six months ago. I'm convinced that what we found there was exactly what Jesus meant when he talked about the church. You don't find that a lot anymore, I don't think.

All of that to say, it was so important to us to have them bear witness to the promise we were making to God and to our dear boy.

Andrew and I stood at the front, holding our still-squishy little baby, swaying back and forth to shush his hungry whimpers. Darien talked about how Jack was gifted to us by God. But how he really belongs to God. How we've been entrusted with him.

And we committed to pray for this boy and through faith in God, raise him to know that he is loved more than he can ever really understand. To know that God has a big story in mind for him.

We promised.

Sweet baby,

I hope you know how loved you really are. And as much as your daddy and I love you, your Maker loves you even more. So much more. I pray that one day you hear his sweet voice and turn toward him. Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved. How precious did that grace appear, the hour I first believed.


(PS: You should know that Andrew's family was there in full force, but we didn't take pictures of them with Jack at the church, because we were continuing the celebration with them at brunch downtown right after. And those are the pictures that have disappeared from my computer. Sad face.)

Monday, July 23, 2012

we're making a comeback

You know what makes it hard to make pretty things? Having a baby.

You know what makes it really hard to make pretty things? Moving and having all of your stuff in storage for two months. And then having to unpack it all. With that baby underfoot.

But we're past all that, y'all. I'm making pretty things again.

I got a little boost to my mojo when I got some of my stuff in the shop downtown. And in the process of trying to perfect designs for that, I came up with a slew of stuff that I want to get in the Etsy shop.

And can I just take this moment to pause and say that if it weren't for Andrew, who is truly the most supportive person I've ever had by my side, I probably would have let those boxes of blank cards sit and get dusty. But he knows that it's good for my soul to be creative and to meet people and work with people, so he just kept encouraging me to pursue this, knowing that I'd be able to tap into all those things through this little "business." So thank you, sweet husband. You're the best partner.

Anyway, I started stocking the shop and then along came some custom orders (!!!) which slowed down the process a little bit. But I'm not complaining in the teensiest. I'm loving it, really.

So for now, there are only three things in the shop. I'll keep you posted as more come along. There will be more art, more notecards, more greeting cards and more custom options - like invitations, change of address cards, announcements, etc. Hooray!

And also, because I like you, you can use the code COMEBACK20 for 20% off your order. Get on it.

+ + + + +

I made this 8x10 for our own home and then decided that it would be perfect for all those other Navy wives I know and love.

You can get it as a card, too. It's a great note to slip into his seabag.

And this notecard set was one of the designs I made soon after summer came to Groton. On a Saturday afternoon out here, the river is covered with sailboats and it's beautiful. I love it.

+ + + + + 

There you have it, folks. I'm excited! Hope you are :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

the great CSA experiment

I recently decided to stop showering, make my own soap and grind my own wheat.

Just kidding.

But I did feel a little crunchy when I went to pick up the first bag of produce from our CSA. Except I was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had a venti iced coffee from Starbucks in the cup holder.


As I've mentioned before, we made some changes to our eating habits about two years ago. Nothing too crazy, we just try to cut out processed foods as much as possible and stick to the whole Clean 15/Dirty Dozen idea when buying organic. We also really got into buying locally - both because it's cheap and fresh and because we like the idea of supporting a local farmer.

But it is HARD to maintain that lifestyle and I'm not even that hardcore about it. I've learned how to pick this vs. that for a lot of things, but there are times when I still find myself lingering in front of a selection for way too long because I can't figure out what the best/healthiest option is. And also, it comes at a cost. I get so discouraged when I leave the store because I feel like I spent twice what I would have if I didn't care about what was on the label.

When I found out about a local (organic!) CSA here in Connecticut, I couldn't wait to see if they'd take us, even though the season had already started. And when I got the email back saying that they would, you would have thought I'd won the lottery.

And at less than $20/week for a huge bag of yummies, I kind of did.

So far, I'm really impressed. I got an email the night before with an update on the farm (drought conditions are rough, there was a big storm that bruised the tomatoes, the squash are coming in, etc.), a few seasonal recipes and a list of everything that would be in this week's bag. This morning was our first pick-up and when I pulled into the parking lot where they come with a truckload of everyone's shares, I didn't even have to get out of the car - Farmer Erick just opened my door and gave me my bag. Not having to unbuckle the 25lbs of boy in the backseat is worth $20 alone, if you ask me.

In the bag this week?
  • Squash and zucchini. I have some summer squash that my dad mailed me from his garden (I know!) and I have plans to make a squash and potato tart. I might use these for a veggie lasagna.
  • Cucumber. I'll probably just cut these up to snack on over the next few days. Or toss it on a salad.
  • Broccoli. Maybe a broccoli salad? My Aunt Rita makes an asian broccoli salad that is so yummy. I might have to dig up that recipe.
  • Cabbage. It's red cabbage and the only thing I can come up with is cole slaw. Any other ideas?
  • Turnip greens. I guess it's time to learn how to cook greens...
  • Green leaf lettuce. Salad. Duh.
  • Beets. I already roasted these and ate them in a salad tonight. I'm going to see what Jack thinks of them tomorrow! And I might saute the leafy remnants up for a quiche or omelette. 
  • Green beans. They're actually yellow green beans (yellow beans?). Do I cook them the same way as regular green beans? Any recipes? 
My goal is to build my menu each week around what's in the bag, which will hopefully cut back on our grocery costs. Produce from the store is so expensive, y'all. I hate it. I spent $30 this weekend JUST ON FRUIT. And it wasn't even that much. Blergh.

Anyway, that's my CSA story. Maybe I'll share some recipes as they evolve. Tonight Andrew had duty, so I just put roasted beets, avocado, a hard boiled egg and bacon on a salad. With a little bit of ranch dressing. MmmmHmmm.

And lest you think I'm a weirdo health nut, I followed that salad with a big ol' honkin' piece of Mississippi Mud cake that I made for Andrew's belated birthday dinner this week. I'm pretty sure that cancelled everything else out.

Share your favorite recipes with me! What would you cook if you had all that in your kitchen right now?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

nine months with jack

Sweet boy,

I can't believe you've been on the outside as long as you were on the inside. These last nine months have gone by much faster than the first and while these have been harder, they've been so much richer. 

You are just a treat these days. You're starting to mimic us, whether it's with sounds or actions, and that provides all kinds of entertainment for your dad and me. You're learning to wave, to drink out of your sippy cup and to give kisses. You look in the right direction when asked, "Where's daddy?" or "Where's Rudy?" You are trying so hard to crawl.

You've started saying "dada" and it's melting our hearts. We weren't sure at first if you were serious or just making noise, but when your dad peeked around the corner and you yelled, "dada!" we realized that you knew exactly what you were saying. It's the sweetest.

The days of you sitting still are over. You used to sit in my lap for as long as I'd let you, looking at books or just snuggling. But not anymore! You've got places to go, my friend. You can't wiggle out of my arms fast enough sometimes. But other times, you'll linger. It's usually when you're sleepy or unsure of your surroundings and I treasure those moments. I know they're going to continue to be harder to find.

As far as food goes, you love just about anything we put in front of you. You changed your mind about watermelon and would stuff it all in your mouth at once if I let you. You go down for your naps without a fight, which is nice - that pitiful cry you used to do breaks my mama-heart. You're happy in just about any circumstances as long as you're fed and there's something to look at.

You get a little frustrated that you can't get your legs to do what you want them to. You want to crawl! You want to get over there! And over there! You definitely get around, but it takes you a while. I'm convinced that when you do crawl, it'll be in pursuit of Rudy. I can't tell you how many times I've turned around, only to find you draped over that dog. He's so patient with you. Even when you do harass him.

We just love you, kid. The other night I missed you so much I thought my heart would explode, so I snuck in and got you out of bed to rock you for a few minutes. You rested your sweaty little head on my chest and drifted back off and I just thanked God for the gift that you are. You bless me every day.

Monday, July 16, 2012

for his daddy


Or "dada" as I started calling you today. Cool trick, huh?

I didn't write this on Saturday because mom and I were driving all over Connecticut looking for a farmer's market that had fresh fruits and vegetables for your birthday dinner. And then we spent the afternoon making that dinner so that we could bring it to you at work, since you couldn't be home with us. Actually, mom did most of the cooking. I had some Cheerios and supervised, though.

I just wanted you to know that I like you a lot. A guy should feel loved on his birthday, right? So I made a list of 10 things I like about you. I would have listed 27 things, but let's be honest, that might as well be 100.

1. I like it when you throw me in the air. Not too high, though. Those ceiling fans are SCARY.
2. I like it when you come home from work and say, "Heeeeeeyyyy, Baby Jack!!" I don't know why, but I just can't contain my excitement when you do that!
3. I like it when we have tickle fights when you get me ready for bed. I save my best laughs for that game.
4. I like it when you let me play with your glasses. I know that sometimes I snatch them so fast that I don't even give you time to get ready for it, but that's part of the fun!
5. I like it when you let me ride Rudy like a horse. Maybe one day Rudy will like it, too.
6. I like it when you teach me cool songs, like the Carolina fight song and God Bless the Tsar. Mom thinks that last one is weird, but she just doesn't get us.
7. I like it when you repeat all my sounds when we're driving in the car. It gets lonely in the back seat sometimes, so it's nice to know I'm actually heard every once in a while.
8. I like it when you hang me upside down. Mom's not crazy about that either, but again, she just doesn't get us.
9. I like it when you let me play with all the DVDs. Who cares that they were alphabetized? Now I know what my movie options are!
10. I like it when you wave goodbye to me and mom when you drive away for work. I like knowing that you're going to miss us when you're gone.

I know we've only known each other for nine months, but I think you're pretty great. I hope you had a happy birthday. I sure had fun celebrating with you all weekend.


PS: Mom wanted me to tell you that she loves you and that she's happy you're the one who comes home to her every day. And she also says thanks for making me so cute. I actually made that last part up, but I am pretty cute and everyone says I look like you. We're studs, right? Love you, dad!

Friday, July 13, 2012

the bathroom renovation

Remember how cute our bathroom was?

And by "cute" I really mean outdated. And dysfunctional. And lavender.

Our house only has one full bath on the main level, so it acts as the master bath and the guest bath. Because of that, I wanted it to be functional but still tidy and presentable. 

The old vanity didn't have any drawers and very little cabinet space. One of those cabinets is decoy - you opened it up to find a hole in the floor straight to the basement. A laundry chute! It was (sort of) nice to have, but it was only big enough to toss a towel or two down at a time, so we didn't use it that often.

The other cabinets were small and didn't have any shelves, so we found ourselves aching for more storage. Especially Andrew, who hateshateshates surface clutter. HATES.

We started researching vanities for the space and were quickly discouraged. The in-stock variety started at $700 and we didn't even really like any of the options. We could do a custom vanity, but that got pricey fast. And we're trying to save as much money as we can for the big kitchen remodel next year. 

Thankfully, I married an engineer. And gained an engineer father-in-law in the process. 

Don't let that face fool you, he was having so much fun. Maybe.

We walked the aisles of Lowes talking about what we wanted: white, shelves and/or drawers, beadboard. And we wanted it to be taller. The existing vanity and mirror were so low that we both had to slouch down to see into the mirror. Now you know why we called it the Hobbit Room.

Before long, we had a vision. And now it was time to execute! We started with this in-stock vanity from Lowes:

Then we picked out a new top, since we needed to span a space that was about a foot and a half wider than the vanity we bought. 

(We were able to pry off the top that came with the vanity and we put it on Craigslist. Money in my pocket, y'all!)

We decided that shelves on either side with baskets would be easier to construct than drawers and I liked the natural look of baskets anyway. I wanted the bathroom to keep with the subtle coastal feel of the rest of the house (we live on the shore, you know!) so that worked well.

The boys went off to get materials for that while my mother-in-law and I went off in search of the fun things like light fixtures and a faucet. The whole thing came together in just a few hours. I love it when that happens.

But you're probably tired of all the jabbering, aren't you? Let me just cut to the chase.

Those boys built the most beautiful vanity ever. It was exactly what I wanted, but couldn't find in the store. 

The paint is Valspar's Jekyll Cottage Green, which is a mossy green color. I've never been happier with a paint color than I am with this one. It's perfect, especially in contrast to the white vanity and trim. In some of these pictures, it's reading a little bit like a pea-green, but I promise it's not. It's mossy. MOSSY.

And as my birthday gift, my wonderful in-laws helped us outfit the room with all the accessories!

We found the baskets at The Christmas Tree Shops for $5 each. If you've ever shopped for baskets, you know that's a steal. The cabinet on the wall is from Lowes and is part of the same line as the vanity. It's nice to have that extra storage for things like toilet paper and extra soap.

I got that cute little clock at IKEA. I think it's so charming.

Not pictured: the beautiful, extra-long white shower curtain. I raised the shower curtain bar (a trick I learned here) and it's amazing how much taller the ceilings seem now. So faaaancy.

I got the mirror at HomeGoods on clearance for $30. Also a steal. Whyyyy are mirrors so expensive?

I ordered the light-fixture on Amazon. The junction box for the old light fixture wasn't centered over the vanity (womp womp) so we either had to move it (hellooo, scary electrical work) or find a light fixture that would cover it. Thankfully, we found one! Here's a close-up:
I like that the shades have a Nantucket feel to them. Is that an adjective that I just made up? Let's go with it.

I also got very acquainted with the floor when I got on my hands and knees to clean and whiten the grout. It was nasty, but I was amazed at what a difference it made to go over it all with one of those white grout pens.

And after all was said and done, we were able to do it all for about $800 - that includes the vanity, the accessories, the paint (for the walls, trim and ceiling) the new fixtures - even the materials and new tools that Andrew had to buy for the project.

An investment, I say!


Do you love it as much as I do?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a week with my mama

I don't want to forget it, y'all. It was so good.

While my dad and brother were off galavanting in the woods out west, my mom hopped a plane to come visit her firstborn and her firstborn's firstborn. And Andrew, of course.

After Jack cried the whole way home from the airport (stranger danger! stranger danger!) we picked up lunch and settled in for the afternoon until Andrew got home. Then he gifted us with a few hours of Jack-duty so we could run out and get groceries, but not before picking out some too-cute outfits for the little boy at Kohls. And we got coffee. There was a lot of coffee that week.

We spent the days catching up, reading magazines, laughing at Jack, drinking coffee, watching Andrew build things and trying to make as many memories as possible. We walked around our neighborhood, around Mystic and around the beach. We ate at THE Mystic Pizza and at Chester's BBQ and we drank more coffee. She gifted us with a date night and for the first time, maybe since before Jack was born, we went out and didn't worry about the little one sleeping back home. We talked like old times and laughed like old times and ate and drank like old times. That was a gift for sure.

Note to self: step AWAY from the iPhone and use your REAL camera. Amen.
My favorite day was when we walked down to the beach, put Jack on a blanket and ate hot dogs and onion rings by the water. The weather couldn't have been nicer, nor the company better. We talked and talked and laughed and laughed.

She's a good one, that mom of mine.

Mama? Hurry back, okay?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

jack on demand

If you need proof that Andrew and I make fools of ourself on a regular basis just to have fun with our boy, I've got it.

Jack has his own YouTube channel now. He's cool like that.

Actually, I just wanted to stop hoarding all the videos I take. No grandmother wants to know that videos exist but haven't been shared, so I'm going to try to dump them all in one place. You're welcome :)

These are the first two I added. And they will make your cheeks hurt:

I can't get enough of that kid. If I could bottle him up, the world would be full of a whole lot of joy.

Also, I swear he's not confined to his high chair all day long. It's just that he's the happiest when he's been eating.

Aren't we all?

Monday, July 9, 2012

marvelous prints does mystic

When my mom was visiting, we popped into an adorable store in downtown Mystic that lured me in with its bright colors and nautical-inspired pillows and bags in the window. It was the sweetest little store with a mixture of stationery and gifts and home accents. I struck up a conversation with the owner and got up the nerve to ask her if she ever sold stuff from local designers. She said she did and told me to bring some things by for her to look at.

I worked this past week on putting together a portfolio of sorts - things I already had designed, custom orders I've done and a few new items that came about from a brainstorming session with my mom and Andrew one night after dinner.

I had the sweaty palms when I woke up this morning. I was prepared for her say no, not because I'm a pessimist, but because it takes a lot of tries, you know? You hear no after no and take the feedback and tweak and perfect and then someone, out of a hundred tries, says yes. That's the way these things go and I wanted to have realistic expectations.

When Andrew came home for lunch, he could tell I was nervous and scared and he stopped me in the kitchen to tell me that he was proud of me and that he knew I could do something with this little "business" of mine. Whether it was today or a hundred tries from now, it would happen. He thinks my stuff is good. And since I look up to him more than anyone, that was all the encouragement I needed.

That and the grande iced coffee that I picked up from Starbucks on the way downtown.

I stood at her counter while she looked through the notebook of samples I'd put together. That's enough to make me get the shakes. Watching someone scrutinize something you've created? Something that you're proud of? That is intense. But she just kept commenting on how cute it all was, which put me at ease.

That and the smiles and conversation coming from my baby boy in the stroller next to me.

By the end of our meeting, she agreed. She agreed! She will start by carrying my Whale Tail design and we'll go from there. I'll show her other designs as I come up with them and if we think they'll do well in her shop, we'll rotate them in as well.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, really. It's a tiny amount of inventory in just one design. And who knows if it will even turn into anything? But it's a big deal to me. Someone looked as something that I made - something that I think is pretty - and she thinks it's pretty, too. That's good stuff right there.

Now that I've done all this work to get my stuff ready for her, I finally have enough inventory to get my Etsy shop back open. And I feel encouraged about how that might do. Maybe some more people will think it's pretty?

We'll see.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and well-wishes that you might have sent my way. It means a lot.

Friday, July 6, 2012

a few things

1. I miss writing. And I miss you people! Writing makes me feel good and I hate that I don't make it more of a priority. Blame it on the summer or on the fact that Andrew is actually home or on a certain baby who is just so adorable it's actually distracting, but things around here has been sloooow. And that's about to change.

2. I need a spot. I've been craving my own space to write and create. See above. There's a room in our house that has been named the office/studio but it's currently full of things that don't have a place or things that belong in the basement and ended up in the studio because I was too lazy to take them down there. Don't judge - you do that, too. But my goal for the weekend is to turn that room into my spot. You know, for all the writing I've been wanting to do.

3. Marvelous Prints is making a comeback, y'all. My sweet husband has been nudging me to get my little shop back open because he knows it would be good for my soul, for many reasons. So when I was in a boutique in downtown Mystic with my mom this week, I got over the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and asked the owner if she did consignment. After talking a little more about what I make, she asked me to bring in a few things for her to look at. I'll be going back up there on Monday, sweaty palms and all.

4. My view right now is this:

My boy hates being on his tummy and he certainly hates being on his tummy while he's trying to sleep. But after an afternoon of pure hell with Mr. Cranky Pants (I blame it on a whacked out schedule this morning) I put him in his crib to give us a break from each other. He played happily for 20 minutes (I guess he needed some space?) and now he's asleep. On his stomach. Today was weird.

5. This picture makes me laugh out loud.

You've probably already seen it if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, but I had to post it again. That's what he looks like when he's eating green beans. Best! Day! Ever! And THAT is the little boy I know and love.

I'll be back next week with more! I'm writing more, remember?! Have a great weekend, friends.
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