Tuesday, July 10, 2012

jack on demand

If you need proof that Andrew and I make fools of ourself on a regular basis just to have fun with our boy, I've got it.

Jack has his own YouTube channel now. He's cool like that.

Actually, I just wanted to stop hoarding all the videos I take. No grandmother wants to know that videos exist but haven't been shared, so I'm going to try to dump them all in one place. You're welcome :)

These are the first two I added. And they will make your cheeks hurt:

I can't get enough of that kid. If I could bottle him up, the world would be full of a whole lot of joy.

Also, I swear he's not confined to his high chair all day long. It's just that he's the happiest when he's been eating.

Aren't we all?

1 friends said...:

  1. he is so stinking cute! and he makes me excited to see what my little man will be doing at Jack's age! they grown way to stinking fast!


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