Monday, July 23, 2012

we're making a comeback

You know what makes it hard to make pretty things? Having a baby.

You know what makes it really hard to make pretty things? Moving and having all of your stuff in storage for two months. And then having to unpack it all. With that baby underfoot.

But we're past all that, y'all. I'm making pretty things again.

I got a little boost to my mojo when I got some of my stuff in the shop downtown. And in the process of trying to perfect designs for that, I came up with a slew of stuff that I want to get in the Etsy shop.

And can I just take this moment to pause and say that if it weren't for Andrew, who is truly the most supportive person I've ever had by my side, I probably would have let those boxes of blank cards sit and get dusty. But he knows that it's good for my soul to be creative and to meet people and work with people, so he just kept encouraging me to pursue this, knowing that I'd be able to tap into all those things through this little "business." So thank you, sweet husband. You're the best partner.

Anyway, I started stocking the shop and then along came some custom orders (!!!) which slowed down the process a little bit. But I'm not complaining in the teensiest. I'm loving it, really.

So for now, there are only three things in the shop. I'll keep you posted as more come along. There will be more art, more notecards, more greeting cards and more custom options - like invitations, change of address cards, announcements, etc. Hooray!

And also, because I like you, you can use the code COMEBACK20 for 20% off your order. Get on it.

+ + + + +

I made this 8x10 for our own home and then decided that it would be perfect for all those other Navy wives I know and love.

You can get it as a card, too. It's a great note to slip into his seabag.

And this notecard set was one of the designs I made soon after summer came to Groton. On a Saturday afternoon out here, the river is covered with sailboats and it's beautiful. I love it.

+ + + + + 

There you have it, folks. I'm excited! Hope you are :)

1 friends said...:

  1. I LOVE these! I've been following your blog ever since my love went off to Navy OCS in December 2010. Your blog has been so helpful to me as Navy lady. And it is actually your blog and a few others that made me want to get into blogging. I'm just now figuring out commenting though :) Anyway, keep up the great blog and prints!


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