Friday, July 6, 2012

a few things

1. I miss writing. And I miss you people! Writing makes me feel good and I hate that I don't make it more of a priority. Blame it on the summer or on the fact that Andrew is actually home or on a certain baby who is just so adorable it's actually distracting, but things around here has been sloooow. And that's about to change.

2. I need a spot. I've been craving my own space to write and create. See above. There's a room in our house that has been named the office/studio but it's currently full of things that don't have a place or things that belong in the basement and ended up in the studio because I was too lazy to take them down there. Don't judge - you do that, too. But my goal for the weekend is to turn that room into my spot. You know, for all the writing I've been wanting to do.

3. Marvelous Prints is making a comeback, y'all. My sweet husband has been nudging me to get my little shop back open because he knows it would be good for my soul, for many reasons. So when I was in a boutique in downtown Mystic with my mom this week, I got over the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and asked the owner if she did consignment. After talking a little more about what I make, she asked me to bring in a few things for her to look at. I'll be going back up there on Monday, sweaty palms and all.

4. My view right now is this:

My boy hates being on his tummy and he certainly hates being on his tummy while he's trying to sleep. But after an afternoon of pure hell with Mr. Cranky Pants (I blame it on a whacked out schedule this morning) I put him in his crib to give us a break from each other. He played happily for 20 minutes (I guess he needed some space?) and now he's asleep. On his stomach. Today was weird.

5. This picture makes me laugh out loud.

You've probably already seen it if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, but I had to post it again. That's what he looks like when he's eating green beans. Best! Day! Ever! And THAT is the little boy I know and love.

I'll be back next week with more! I'm writing more, remember?! Have a great weekend, friends.

2 friends said...:

  1. Aw that last pic is so cute! Is this town you speak of THE Mystic from Mystic Pizza? If so, say hi to Julia for me on Monday, and good luck!

  2. Yes! It is! I actually had lunch at THE Mystic Pizza when my mom was here last week!


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