Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a going away party

This past weekend, Andrew and I hosted a surprise going away party for my best friend, Martha. Martha and our friend Kristi Lee (KL) stayed with me Friday night for what was supposed to be one last fun weekend with Martha before she moves overseas for a year. But we made up an excuse for Martha and KL to run some errands without me on Saturday, and in two hours we had a decorated house full of friends. Andrew and I met through mutual friends and if you asked us to name our closest friends we would probably list off the same people. That makes for a great time when we all reunite. That, of course, was a blast and Martha was really happy with her surprise. Andrew and I grilled burgers and hotdogs and all the guests helped by bringing condiments, sides and desserts. Martha's family even drove down from Hickory and my mom dropped by with a homemade peach cobbler (with peaches from my very own peach tree back home, thank you very much) It was a wonderful afternoon and we had a great time! Here are a few pictures...

We love you, Martha!

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