Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a summer wedding

This weekend, Andrew and I went to Concord for a wedding that he was in. We stayed with his parents, and it was nice to have the chance to visit with them while we were there. On Saturday, Andrew left for the church around 11:30 and I spent the afternoon with Mrs. C. We made a throw pillow for our bedroom! She's made the curtains in both the kitchen and the living room, and they turned out beautifully. With some of the extra fabric, we decided to make pillows. I think I'll make her my personal decorator and call it a day :) What do you think?

Did I mention that Andrew wore a seersucker suit in the wedding? Not sure when he'll ever wear the complete ensemble again, but who knows...

So handsome! :)

Sunday was church and a wonderful lunch and a relaxing remainder of the afternoon before heading back to Raleigh. I was even able to squeeze in a nap! Thanks to our great hosts for a great weekend. We love you guys!

1 friends said...:

  1. That's a great curtain in your dining room! Btw...I thought it said, "posted by- A Lovely Wife" haha whoopsy. I guess that works too, huh? ;)


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