Wednesday, March 31, 2010

t-minus 9 hours

Heaven help me.

Word on the street is that RLP is around 7am tomorrow (0700, if we're being technical). My heart is so fluttery! Every time I think about it, I have to take a gigantic deep breath.

I pray that tomorrow comes and goes quickly for Andrew and his class. I know that it won't be easy, but I pray that it will be successful and that at the end, he'll feel confident and accomplished. I pray that he sleeps tonight and is rested tomorrow. I pray for the Lord to be over him and take over him.

I pray for the moms and wives and girlfriends and fiances (and dads and husbands and boyfriends!) who are feeling the same anxiety as I, wondering how in the world they're ever going to fall asleep tonight. I pray for peace as their mind wanders, wishing they could offer a few last words of encouragement before their loved ones lay their weary heads down tonight. I pray for the right words to say if the news they hear on Saturday isn't what they'd hoped for.

Of course, I pray that all goes well for the next 8 weeks so that he graduates on May 28th. But I pray for peace if he rolls - seeing it as a blessing and a gift, since he'd graduate on my birthday instead :) I pray that I'm not speechless when he calls and that all of the things I've wanted to say and ask for the last four weeks are top of mind. I pray for a full battery and good signal, too.

Oh, I pray.

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