Tuesday, March 9, 2010

phone call from Andrew!

I heard from Andrew tonight and there wasn't any bad news! He said he doesn't know why, but they let them call home tonight. Apparently, the CandiOs in charge of his class weren't allowed to call home until week 8, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are taking pity on them.

He sounded good. A little hoarse, but upbeat, which is SUCH A RELIEF! He said that it's different than he expected - harder in some ways, but easier in others. He said that some of the things he didn't have time to memorize beforehand from the gouge book were more important than some of the things he did memorize, but that he has time to study them before it really counts (week 3). He also said that he got in trouble once because his jacket is a little small and he took too long to get it on one day. He also said that while tomorrow is supposed to be Wake Up Wednesday, they're telling them that they won't meet the DIs until Thursday. Then he said that he's not sure if he should believe that.

I made sure to tell him that I'm doing okay. He asked me a few times, "Really? You're really okay?" Once I convinced him that things are getting easier each day, he sounded immediately relieved. Then he apologized for not arranging to send me flowers for our anniversary and he made me promise to buy some for myself tomorrow.

I married a sweet, sweet man.

He sounded different, but the same. He sounded more formal but the way he said things was the same old Andrew. When he was hanging up, he said "well, here I go. I'll see you soon." Which is what he ALWAYS says when he leaves me in person or on the phone.

That was about it. I heard him say, "Aye Sir" and then he told me that he had one minute left. We said our love you's and goodbye's and that was it. Hopefully I'll get another call this weekend, but I'm not counting on anything these days. I'm just happy to have heard from him tonight and to hear that his spirit is still there.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I am really counting on this to stay connected. Thank you! xox!


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