Monday, March 22, 2010

how to be a navy officer's wife in 66 days or less

Call me crazy, but when I close my eyes and think of a Navy officer's wife, this is what I see...

Now I realize that's not totally realistic. Especially since the hair is way out of style. But the rest of it kind of works, don't you think? So my mission over the next 9.5 weeks is to somehow transfer my wardrobe into one goes timelessly with the boy's new look. Keeping within my allowance, of course.

In addition to the fashion aspect (which makes me more excited that you could know), I've been thinking a lot about how my role as a wife will change just because Andrew is in the military. So much will change about our relationship. I've come to a few conclusions...
  • Be supportive. Even though being a wife demands cooperation and support regardless, there's a new level of flexibility that I need to be comfortable with for the next few years. I need to be understanding when his responsibilities require his attention beyond the typical 9-5. I need to be okay with being told to pick up and move, even though my friends are nearby and I like the house we're in. I need to recognize the greater purpose when selfishness starts to creep in.
  • Be patient. Definitely not one of my strong points. So much of this lifestyle will challenge that and if I don't make a conscious effort to allow the Lord to grow me in that area, I will make difficult situations even harder.
  • Be encouraging. If there is one thing I have learned about my sweet husband, it's that he thrives on my affirmation. I've noticed that while he appreciates that sort of thing from others, he beams when it comes from me. Which is so flattering, by the way. In an environment where he will be charged with demanding tasks, he has to know that I believe in him. Whether that's while he's at OCS or leaving on a submarine for six months. He must know that I'm proud and confident in him.
I'm so excited that he picked me to go on this ride with him. If he had picked someone else and I'd met them on the street, I would have been SUPER jealous. Now I just have to make sure he doesn't regret it :)

4 friends said...:

  1. That post is so cool and insightful. You would make a GREAT Audrey Hepburn. And that hairstyle will never go out of style!!! And gee, is it only 66 days? That ought to fly by!

  2. have you been reading the books I told you about? They have totally opened my eyes to the class and tradition of the Navy! Sophistication is key and our group is going to look fantastic!

  3. wow that is such a thoughtful piece of writing...I will send it o my fiancee who will be a Navy wife soon :)


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