Monday, March 8, 2010

ocs: day 2

Not so bad! Today is supposed to be pretty laid back. Hopefully, Andrew will be able to use the time to study and prepare for the rest of the week, which is supposed to get pretty intense.

You will spend the majority of today at hospital for a physical evaluation. Take advantage of the time to study gouge, more importantly, however, take the time to relax. The day is relatively easy if you keep your head in the game and recognize what is going on around you. Until you complete your physical evaluation and PRT (physical readiness test), no one can make you do any physical activity. However, make sure you regain your military bearing and be locked on when you leave the clinic because it is likely that your Class DI will be watching.

Today is also the day to begin paying close attention to the procedures at chow hall. Once you have met your DI, one of his primary concerns will be your adherence to chow hall procedures. If your class knows these well, you will be more likely to escape very difficult RPT (remedial physical training) sessions right before you eat. The class cannot do RPT within 30 minutes of eating.

At around 1700 (5pm), your class will receive haircuts. No matter how short your hair is when you arrive, you will still receive a haircut today.

Before hitting your rack tonight, it may be advisable to do a short set of pushups and curlups to remind yourself of proper form and to briefly loosen up the muscles. Do not try to max out tonight, just make sure your form is good and that you are good and loose before bed.

He has to pass the PRT tomorrow, so pray that this goes well. Apparently, failing this test is one of the easiest ways to get rolled back so let's hope we don't hear from him tomorrow. No news is good news!

Also, today is our 2nd anniversary. Andrew left me a note that I wasn't to open until today. It was so sweet and encouraging. He's a good fellow!
Happy Anniversary, love. I'm so happy to have found you.

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