Friday, March 5, 2010

a few of MY favorite things

Lists, obviously fall into that category, so that's what I'll do with this! In preparation for "the day" I've been thinking of things to get excited about doing while Andrew is gone. I'm sure I won't finish some and will add others, but here it is in its current state:
  • Organize/set up/use my craft room:
  • Don't give up on jewelry making, even though Impatient Page wants me to
  • Sew comforter for newly designed Charleston bedroom
  • Sew curtains and headboard cover for newly designed Charleston guest bedroom (taking reservations now for future guests)
  • Also, Jessica: this sounds like a girls’ weekend project, don’t you think? :)
  • Take up journal making (it's looking like I'm going to have enough stuff to get my own table at the market in Charleston!)
  • Learn how to cook for one and enjoy food that Andrew could do without (i.e. pasta salad)Develop some sort of exercise routine using the rowing machine, my pilates mat and TWC exercise on demand channel
  • Study, study, study the Bible - if I don't look at this time as an opportunity to learn and grow, I think I might be missing a major blessing
  • Take some trips and visit some of my favorites:
  • Stay with my precious grandparents in Black Mountain
  • Girls' weekend with Aunt Rita
  • Maybe visit Anne I in DC? I think I may have just invited myself, Aunt Anne!
  • Day trip to the beach with Mom if it gets warmer
  • Lots of day trips to Youngsville so Rudy can play with Uncle Jake
  • Dinner with Grandma C
  • Martha? Meet me half way?
  • Warsaw, so Nanny Johnson can teach me how to make sugar cookies. And biscuits. And creamed corn.
  • Then, it appears I have to go see Sarah and her babies and pass on the biscuit making magic :) Okay!
  • IKEA, duh
  • Concord craft weekend!
  • Girls night/day with some work friends (note: transform living room into craft central; make snacks!)
  • Take Rudy to the dog park
  • Watch A LOT of girl movies - Netflix is going to love me
  • Maybe babysit some sweet cousins in Clayton?
  • Make some oatmeal cookies, just because
  • Watch Dancing with the Stars, 24, What Not to Wear and a lot of Food Network
  • Find a place to live in Charleston - and daydream about it
  • Start looking for a job in Charleston
  • Write my sweetie lots of letters
  • Take care of Rudy, who will be devastated/heartbroken when Andrew leaves
Anything else I should add??

2 friends said...:

  1. I see lots of sewing and crafting in your future... and you need to add a weekend where I can come play! xox!

  2. im game. can we pretend italy is halfway?


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