Saturday, March 27, 2010

another letter!

This time, on purple paper. He said that it was passed out at church for note taking, but he knew that he wanted to save it for me. Sweet thing.

It was dated March 19 (last Friday) and it arrived yesterday. It was postmarked the 23rd, so I think it must take a while for the letters to actually get off the base. One thing worth mentioning is that his DI put him in charge of RLP preparation for his class. RLP is on Thursday and for me, it can't get here fast enough. Regardless of the outcome, I get to talk to him on Saturday. But if he passes the first time on Thursday, I might get to talk to him then. Here's to hoping this week goes by uber fast.

Bottom line: He sounded great again. He even made me laugh a few times! This particularly cracked me up...
I hate that I haven't written you more. Every night I wish that I could but I'm usually busy preparing for the next day and trying not to fall asleep. We've had to write chow hall procedures several times (the choreographed movements and script at dinner) and it's always a fight to stay awake. Several times I've dozed off but kept writing gibberish - one time I started writing about bananas!
One of the letters I wrote a few weeks ago had a list of questions that had been on my mind, so he answered them for me in this letter. One thing I asked was how I could be praying for him and I figured many of you would want to know the answer. He said two things: for his health and that he wouldn't just see this time as something to be survived, but an opportunity to know people and develop relationships. That's my husband, no doubt about it.

The other thing that I really wanted to share was the answer to the question, "Do you miss home?" If you ever wonder why he's doing this, I think this answers it pretty well...
Times like when I'm at church or when we're, for whatever reason, allowed to talk like normal people again, to think and feel, are especially difficult. The other day we were marching somewhere when the flag was being raised so everyone stopped to salute. For about one minute, everything was silent except the national anthem and I noticed birds singing for the first time in a while. As I watched the flag being raised I remembered why I'm doing what I'm doing. And while I know that instance has nothing to do with you, I let my guard down for that brief moment and it took me back to somewhere away from here. I thought about you, the principles that our nation stands for and the men that I'm going to lead, and I got choked up.
How many of you cried when you read that? Because I was a disaster.

I hope that once things settled down after RLP, he'll have the chance to call or at least write more. I told him in my letter last night that it's rejuvenating to hear from him. I can feel myself dragging, but getting his letters make me feel like it's manageable again.

What an honor it is to be married to that man.

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