Sunday, February 28, 2010

i hope you have a magical day

Seriously, those people said that ALL THE TIME. What does it even mean?

Anyway, we're back!! We landed in chilly NC yesterday morning and have been recovering ever since. We had such a great time! There's no need for the Disney play-by-play, but because I know you're just DYING for some details, here's the quick recap :)

  • Verbally expressed our relief to be out of the cold about 27 times
  • Ate A LOT, and thanks to the fabulous meal plan, we didn't have to think twice about the cost of food
  • Had our picture taken with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald
  • Went to Epcot every single day, even if it was just to eat
  • Ate in: France, Germany, Morocco, Italy, Mexico, China and Japan at the World Showcase in Epcot
  • Basically, we fell in love with Epcot
  • Saw more meltdowns, arguments and family disfunction than any other vacation ever
  • Rode Living with the Land twice - nerds, I know
  • Had the world's worst breakfast buffet at Chef Mickey's
  • Chatted up each and every one of our servers (most from other countries) to get the "how did you end up in Disney World" question answered
  • Sympathized with 5-year-old Andrew after getting off Space Mountain and realizing that no child should ever have to go on that ride
  • Had dinner at the Coral Reef, right next to the aquarium
  • Went on a make-shift safari and loved it
  • Talked about taking our little girls to meet the Disney Princesses one day
  • DID NOT ride It's a Small World, nor did we hear the song
  • DID hear We Celebrate You, the new Disney song, about 457 times
Basically, we had a "magical" time :)

2 friends said...:

  1. Space Mountain is my earliest memory! It was HORRIFIC. Glad y'all got to relive it.

  2. I told you she remembered it. She was 2!!


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