Friday, February 19, 2010

free at last

After a pretty hellish week, I'm officially on vacation! Andrew made me promise to have the email on my phone turned off before I got home and I had it off before I even walked out. And while my inbox is usually full of at least 50 flagged "I'll deal with these later" emails, it is now completely empty. Check.

So after running a few errands, picking up dinner and a movie, I'm happily relaxing in my PJs with my sweet husband. Who found out today that he leaves me at approximately 2:07pm on Saturday, March 6. Our 4-year dating anniversary and just two days shy of our 2-year wedding anniversary. It wasn't until I got his flight information that I realized how much I am absolutely dreading that day. I don't have any idea how I'm going to react once he's gone, but I can only imagine that it will be pitiful. What's a girl to do without her best friend?

I was reminded today of our wedding vows. A few years ago, I was in a bible study talking about women of the bible who followed/trusted God in various ways. Sometimes they trusted God directly and sometimes they trusted the leadership of someone in their life, indirectly trusting God in the process. I remember thinking then that I wanted my marriage to mirror that. And on the day I married Andrew, I promised to follow him as he follows God.

It has become crystal clear to me that regardless of how difficult the next few months may be, I am trusting that my husband is doing it for the right reasons. And in the process, I'm trusting the Lord to get us through it.

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