Saturday, February 6, 2010

14 days and counting!

Disney World is just around the corner! Remember the commercial with the little boy is thinking about Disney World and says "but we're too excited to sleep!" That's how I feel. For real.

For the past few weeks, we've been getting all kinds of mail from the Magic Kingdom - luggage tags, ticket confirmations, vacation planning guides, a DVD, some maps. Andrew and I cracked up over this letter from the "Senior VP of Creating Relationship Magic." It was our customizable maps that I made online, marking a lot of the attractions we're most look forward to. It says: "Have fun planning your vacation. But be forewarned! While our maps are extremely helpful, you're bound to get lost in the magic..."

Nice Disney World. Real nice.

The other day, I was at work and I remembered that I needed to make a few dinner reservations. I called Andrew and told him to grab the list of restaurants that I had looked at over the weekend and email me the list of highlighted places. And yes, I realize how (crazy) organized that sounds, but what did you expect? Anyway, when he emailed me the list, he sent this picture, saying "Rudy wishes he was going to Disney World, too."

So cute. Maybe we can find some Mickey ears for him?

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