Tuesday, November 13, 2012

giving thanks, day 13: grace

I've talked a lot about grace, specifically here and here.

But today I'm thankful for the grace I can give myself to stop writing every day this month. I thought I'd have time to write more thoughtful posts (ha!) but instead I have a major case of writer's block because I forget until it's right before bedtime and then I'm exhausted and rushing and it's just not going well. So I'm just going to take it off my plate. I feel so much better already! Thank you, Self.

I'll be back later with the stuff that I feel more inspired to write, mmmk?

1 friends said...:

  1. Grace is good, I lack that ability to give grace to
    myself,thus I am sometimes short on grace for others. When you give yourself grace, we can't look forward to a for sure post from you. Poor poor
    pitiful us. Hugs, Nanny


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