Thursday, November 8, 2012

puppy love

This dog has been feeling a little (a lot) neglected lately. He loves that Jack is noticing him and trying to interact with him, but sometimes that interaction is cut short when Rudy's response to that interaction is a little more enthusiastic than we'd like (i.e. excessive licking and/or slight tackling). We're working on that.

And Rudy is a pouter. We try to make him feel included and loved, but he takes the slightest reprimand as a huge insult. He's never acted aggressively toward Jack, but if he's shooed away because he keeps swatting him in the face with his tail or eating Cheerios out of his hand or licking him RIGHT ON THE MOUTH, he gets his feelings hurt and slinks off to the corner to curl up and flash his sad eyes.

Nonetheless, whether Rudy chooses to feel our love or not, he's a good dog and he's our favorite dog. I'm thankful for his kind nature and his snuggliness. I'm thankful for his patience with Jack. I'm thankful that he detects a stranger before I even see them coming down the driveway. And I'm thankful that as long as we put Jack to bed at a decent time, he still acts like he likes us. 


And for the record, as gross as it is that Rudy licks my kid on the mouth, Jack crawls toward him with his mouth wide open, trying to kiss him on the snout. And then he laughs hysterically when he gets licked. So it's kind of not Rudy's fault. (But it's still gross.)

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