Monday, November 5, 2012

giving thanks, day 5: the bedtime routine

It's rare that this kid sits in my lap for any length of time, without trying to lunge after something on the ground with no regard to gravity. But at bedtime, it's like he knows that we're winding down and he's content to just hang out for a few minutes.

We'll read a book, look at pictures of Andrew if he's gone or working, maybe have a tickle fight or two. He'll give me kisses, which I love. He'll wave or clap and try to make Indian sounds with his hand over his mouth, except he can't move his hand fast enough so it just sounds like, "uuuuuhhhhhhh." Recently, he learned what a belly button is, so he likes to find mine and point it out. He can't find his on account of the rolls. God bless him.

I've been loving those moments more and more, especially since he switched into hyper-drive the day he turned one. Hello, my busy little toddler.

And then there are nights like tonight, where the day just sucked every bit of energy out of him and he fell asleep on my shoulder before 7pm. He'd just had a bath, too, so his little head smelled all sweet and fresh.

He's a keeper, no doubt about it.

1 friends said...:

  1. "He can't find his on account of the rolls. God bless him." this made my heart smile


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