Sunday, November 4, 2012


That's what I'm thankful for today.

I used to be embarrassed to call myself a creative person. I felt like I was claiming a talent or skill that could only be evident if someone else saw it and they said it, not me. And then about two years ago, I heard a pastor say that there are things that stir your heart and give you joy while you do them and they are God-given passions that should be fostered, because seeing that joy in us gives Him joy as well. It was the permission I needed to claim the fact that, yes, I am creative.

This morning, while Jack was napping and Andrew was doing yard work, I stayed in my pajamas, sat down with my second cup of coffee and got started on a little design work I'm doing for a custom order - a mission statement and bible verse that this family claims over their home. It basically says that they promise to love every person who walks through their door, without question or judgement. And when my fingers were moving around, changing up colors and fonts on the computer, I felt so full. To be able to create something like that, knowing it will be on their walls and (hopefully) blessing others who read it - it was a little overwhelming.

And it feels good to know that my Father got joy out of that, too.

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