Saturday, November 24, 2012

small business saturday // marvelous prints

It's officially the Christmas season, y'all. I have to admit that I was more excited about Jack seeing our decorated tree when he woke up this morning than I am about Christmas morning. He loves to point and ooohhh and aahhh at it, so I have a feeling that this might be my favorite Christmas yet.

But enough about that. I never showed you my Christmas cards! I didn't design very many this year because I was more focused on the blank sets, thank yous, etc. but I really love the ones I do have.

All of the Christmas cards are 4.5x6.25 and are flat, not folded. Just write a little greeting at the bottom and pop them in the mail!

I think these are pretty fun. I actually just dropped an order of these off at a stationery and gift shop in Mystic, so we'll see what the Christmas shoppers think :)

And the designs (for example, the lights in the one above) are cut out of heavy card stock and glued down with a thin, acid-free adhesive that keeps the paper from bubbling up. It's clean and crisp when it dries.

This one is my favorite:

I like that it steps away from the traditional red and green with a little bit of navy. It's also my favorite, favorite Christmas song.

While Etsy seems to be a difficult place to stand out, just because there are so many options, I've had some really neat opportunities with local shops and organizations. I'm still learning a lot and I have some things in mind for next year that I'm really excited about.

In the meantime, want to do a little shopping? Use the code THANKFUL25 from now until Wednesday to get 25% off of your order. And if you order two or more things from the shop, I'll throw in a little extra surprise :)

Head on over to the Etsy shop to get those stocking stuffers crossed off your list. Happy shopping!

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