Wednesday, December 1, 2010

so thankful...again

Yesterday, I felt the need to list out the things I'm thankful for. But because I was getting just a teeny bit wordy with my post already, I decided to save it for later. And at about the same time, we picked out our Christmas cards. They do NOT look like this:

But isn't that cute?

Love the idea, I just wish the colors weren't so un-Christmas. But this card inspired me! And since I owe you a thankful list, let's just roll it out as a Top 10. But they aren't in order, because I hate prioritizing things. So without further ado, the Castrodale Top 10 Moments of 2010...

10. After over a year of unemployment and several months of preparation, Santa brought Andrew a J-O-B! (Except it wasn't Santa, it was totally God. And technically the employment occurred in 2009, but the pay didn't start until 2010, so go with it.)

9. Andrew broke his toe and got OCS delayed by several weeks. That might not seem like a good thing, but it was a blessing in disguise for a lot of reasons. One being that he got to be snowed in with me during a rare NC "snow storm."

8. We went to Disney World! And it was as magical as I wanted it to be. Even now, when I think back on it, my heart gets fluttery.

7. Andrew went to OCS for three months and I made it! With a few tears here and there :)

6. Andrew went to OCS for three months and HE made it! And he gets to wear that handsome uniform. Win.

5. The Lord looked over us as we tried to make the move from NC to SC. And He gave us the perfect place to live for the next year or so.

4. Lots and lots and LOTS of awesome food. Really. It's ridiculous.

3. I almost lost my job, but then I got to keep it. Which made me realize how blessed I am to have it in the first place. (Note: self, please remember this more often)

2. We have the most amazing church family. Amen.

aaaaand, finally...

1. We are so happy. So blessed and so, so happy.

What do you know, maybe the #1 on this list really is #1 on the list :)

1 friends said...:

  1. I just stumbled into your blog when surfing the internet. I am a soon to be naval officer's wife, too! And we love the Lord as well so I feel particularly blessed to have stumbled on your site. My husband doesn't leave for OCS until he graduates next december. We have 2 kiddos going with us as well.


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