Sunday, December 6, 2009

santa brought andrew a J-O-B!

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. And I am SO sorry that it took me so long to update this! I'm sure most of you lovely readers out there know the news. Except maybe the secret ones, so of course you'll never admit to that. But yes, HE GOT IT! We are absolutely thrilled beyond belief. I think that by the time Tuesday rolled around, we both decided that we'd be surprised either way. When I thought about it, I knew he was capable and qualified. But when I agonized over it, I wondered if the Admiral would be having a bad day and dismiss him because our last name is too hard to pronounce. It was miserable. Here's a quick recap of Tuesday:

6:30 am (Page at Aunt Anne's, Andrew at the hotel): Get a text from Andrew that says he's on his way to the interview, but can't call. And he loves me.

7am: get up, with butterflies in my tummy, to get ready for the day.

9am - 1:30pm: camp out at Starbucks to work, watch the minutes drag by. Talk to work friends about how waiting is terrible. Call Mrs. Castrodale to talk about how waiting is terrible. Text Andrew (who can't have his phone on, but whatever) and tell him that waiting is terrible. Wish it wasn't the middle of the night where Martha is/wish she lived next door because now's the time I want to call her.

1:30pm: Walk back to Aunt Anne's apartment because waiting like this should not be done alone.

2pm - 2:30pm: Eat some cheese and crackers for lunch (nothing more because of the butterflies) and chat with Aunt Anne about what our life will be like if he gets it.

2:30pm - 3pm: Set up in Aunt Anne's office to do some more work. Every 5 minutes or so, we each pipe up from our respective rooms to ask if the other is as anxious. We are.

3:15pm: I have an epiphany. The Admiral interviews are only supposed to last 5 minutes and they start at 1pm. If Andrew wasn't selected, he'd be long gone by now. He must be filling out paperwork! Discuss my hypothesis with Aunt Anne and she agrees. We jump up and down a little bit, but decide not to get our hopes up. After all, maybe the Admiral was just running late and they haven't gotten started?

3:30pm: Randomly decide to check which has been our guide through this whole process. See this post: Run to tell Aunt Anne that he was either accepted or reinvited and I'm okay with either. She agrees and we jump up and down again.

3:45pm: I decide that even though Andrew hasn't called me yet to tell me I can pick him up, I'm tired of waiting. Ask Aunt Anne if I should go and she whole-heartedly says yes. (Love her!)

5pm: Arrive at Andrew's hotel, texting him to tell him where I am. It was supposed to take 15 minutes, but traffic in DC is a beast and it took an hour. I'm frazzled and concerned that I can't find him.

5:15pm: I see him walk out of the hotel and I get out of the car to flag him down. He sees me, crosses the street and just says "Hey." (Really?)

Andrew: Hey
Me: Well?
Andrew: I got it. (big smile)

You would think that I would start freaking out, but all I could do was cry. Ya'll, I am SO PROUD my husband. He has worked so hard for this and there has been so much riding on this that all I could do was cry - out of relief and joy and gratefulness that once again, the Lord has blessed us beyond belief.

So he got it and he leaves on January 24 for OCS. Which means I get just under two months with the boy before he heads out. For that I am thankful. Then? It's an adventure and we absolutely can't wait :)

(Coming soon - by popular demand - will be Christmas pics of the new house and the growing puppy. Stay tuned!)

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