Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas eve!

We got to the Castrodales' house yesterday evening and have been enjoying all of the Christmas festivities imaginable since then. Christmas tomorrow, Black Mountain on Saturday for Round 2, and Youngsville on Tuesday for Round 3. I love it!

I was thinking this morning that I love all of the Castrodale Christmas traditions that I've been a part of for the last few years: a Christmas movie the night we arrive, baking and cooking and baking and cooking, spending ALL day opening presents, getting dressed up for's all so precious to my little sentimental heart. And I decided that I'm ready to start planning the traditions for our family. When little baby Castrodale decides to make an appearance, I need to be ready - agreed?
  1. Read the Christmas story before bedtime on Christmas Eve. My mom always did that for Tyler and me and I've always looked forward to doing that for my own kids.
  2. Spend the ENTIRE season bakings various deserts. Especially the cookies I made last night, which Andrew named "Christmas Spirit Cookie." DELICIOUS.
  3. Watch a Christmas movie every night (ambitious, I know) from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day.
  4. Let my kids be Secret Santas to needy families in the community.
  5. French toast for breakfast on Christmas Day (we're stealing that one from Mrs. Castrodale, per Andrew's request)
  6. REALLY cute Christmas PJs for the little ones. Of course.
  7. Ideally, I would love our kids to enjoy a house full of family - hope you all are willing to travel to where we are :)
  8. I need a traditional Christmas dinner, but I haven't settled on one yet. Suggestions?
  9. Lots of apple cider.
  10. This one's my favorite: Andrew takes the babies to pick out a Christmas tree. I stay back to have hot drinks and fresh cookies ready for their return. Then we decorate the tree and watch a movie. And, hooray! the season has started.
I hope you all are enjoying your traditions. Merry Christmas!

2 friends said...:

  1. If you do all that every'll be super mom! :)

    Well, you probably will be anyway - but even more so if you do that stuff!

  2. Christmas is awesome.. Must be a genetic thing in our family or something.. I feel the same way


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