Thursday, April 15, 2010

the many ways to count the days

I started having anxiety today, wondering if I write too much about Andrew and the Navy. Maybe I should write about the exciting things that Rudy and I have been doing? Only, you people came for the good stuff…the Andrew updates. And Rudy and I haven’t been doing anything exciting. When we do, I’ll be sure to share, but until then you’re stuck with the Andrew Show.

I realized yesterday that I have several interesting ways of counting down to Andrew’s graduation. When we were engaged and living apart, only seeing each other on the weekends, I always told Andrew on Wednesdays, “Tomorrow, I can say ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’” Clever, I know. It just made the time feel shorter. Here’s what I have for our current stint apart:
  • There are six weeks left, which is the same amount of time between spring break and finals and that ALWAYS went by fast.
  • There are 6 more days of Sunday email correspondence until…
  • I will change my sheets 3 more times (is that gross?) until…
  • When the stack of envelopes on beside my bed runs out, graduation will be in 23 days.

So basically, it’s not that much time left. Fingers crossed, no one adds any weeks to that countdown.

In other news, I’m having a fun weekend in Concord which will include redecorating and IKEA. Always a plus. Charleston pics coming soon.

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