Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the list

It's time to revisit it, don't you think? Remember the mega list I made before Andrew left - my dream sheet of all the things I had planned to pass the time? Let's see where I've ended up, now that we're over half way there...
  • Organize/set up/use my craft room. CHECK
  • Don't give up on jewelry making, even though Impatient Page wants me to. I'm getting there. It's actually on my list for this weekend.
  • Sew comforter for newly designed Charleston bedroom. Plan B, since I discovered that the fabric is not washing machine friendly, is to find a cheap duvet cover. In progress...
  • Sew curtains and headboard cover for newly designed Charleston guest bedroom (taking reservations now for future guests) Nada.
  • Take up journal making (it's looking like I'm going to have enough stuff to get my own table at the market in Charleston!) I've made one...CHECK!
  • Learn how to cook for one and enjoy food that Andrew could do without (i.e. pasta salad) CHECK. I've consumed a lot of chicken nuggets and pasta.
  • Develop some sort of exercise routine using the rowing machine, my pilates mat and TWC exercise on demand channel. CHECK.
  • Study, study, study the Bible - if I don't look at this time as an opportunity to learn and grow, I think I might be missing a major blessing. Always room for more, don't you think?
  • Stay with my precious grandparents in Black Mountain. CHECK.
  • Girls' weekend with Aunt Rita. + Nanny, Mom and Mir. CHECK!
  • Maybe visit Anne I in DC? I think I may have just invited myself, Aunt Anne! Not yet!
  • Day trip to the beach with Mom if it gets warmer. Waiting for the warm part.
  • Lots of day trips to Youngsville so Rudy can play with Uncle Jake. Not as many as I'd like.
  • Dinner with Grandma C. CHECK.
  • Martha? Meet me half way? If only...
  • Warsaw, so Nanny Johnson can teach me how to make sugar cookies. And biscuits. And creamed corn. I'm waiting on a free weekend!
  • IKEA, duh. Oh yes.
  • Concord craft weekend! CHECK CHECK!
  • Girls night/day with some work friends (note: transform living room into craft central; make snacks!) CHECK.
  • Take Rudy to the dog park. Does day camp count?
  • Watch A LOT of girl movies - Netflix is going to love me. Definitely yes.
  • Maybe babysit some sweet cousins in Clayton? Not yet!
  • Make some oatmeal cookies, just because. Hey, I forgot about this one...
  • Watch Dancing with the Stars, 24, What Not to Wear and a lot of Food Network. Duh.
  • Find a place to live in Charleston - and daydream about it. I definitely have a list of potentials.
  • Start looking for a job in Charleston. My professional resume-writing aunt is working on mine as we speak. Thanks, Mir!
  • Write my sweetie lots of letters. Every day.
  • Take care of Rudy, who will be devastated/heartbroken when Andrew leaves. CHECK. And he's taking care of me as well.
Not bad, if I do say so myself. Let's see what I can knock out in the next 5 weeks...

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