Thursday, April 22, 2010

how to get super relaxed

It's a 10-step process. Are you ready?
  1. Leave work at 2:30 for a "business meeting."
  2. Sit outside with a glass of wine for an hour, discussing advertising objectives for 2011.
  3. Change into a yummy bathrobe, get ready for your hour-long Swedish massage.
  4. Think about something else while she works out the knots in your shoulders and neck, so as not to ruin the experience.
  5. Stay in yummy bathrobe while you sit in the lounge and catch up with colleagues.
  6. Drive home, with the radio off.
  7. Take a bubble bath, with Edwin McCain playing on Pandora.
  8. Eat a baked potato for dinner.
  9. Watch the Wedding Planner on TV.
  10. Stay wrapped up in your favorite blanket until you decide that no, 9:30 is not to early to go to bed.
Maybe I'm bragging. Okay, fine. I'm bragging. But would YOU turn this down if given the opportunity? And would you keep it to yourself?

I didn't think so.

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