Monday, April 26, 2010

about my new crush

His name is Andrew. I believe you've heard of him?

The phone lines parted long enough yesterday afternoon for us to talk for ONE FULL HOUR. It was like the olden days, when we could carry on a conversation about anything and everything, being shocked at how the time had ticked by so quickly. And it was such a relief to know that after all this, we can still do that. When he called tonight, I told him that all day I've felt like I had a new boyfriend. He liked that. It's true, though. I have a crush on my husband.

And in true Andrew-update form, here are some highlights from our conversation:
  • He's getting his wisdom teeth removed on May 21st. His dentist said they aren't that bad and they don't think it'll take more than a day or so to recover. If only I could go up and take care of him for the weekend!
  • I have been instructed to organize a tour of restaurants for his return. Some are specific to the triangle (Caffe Luna, Rue Cler, Baby Moon Cafe) and some are chains (Chick-fil-a, Bojangles, Cracker Barrell), but all of them are on his list for a specific reason. He wants to go to the Bojangles on 15-501, because that's where we would eat after church. He wants to go to Caffe Luna, because that's where we went for Valentine's Day this year. He wants to go to the Chick-fil-a in Summerville, SC, because that's the trip that started the Navy talk. Who knew my husband could be sentimental?
  • I have also been instructed to plan a trip for us to take shortly after he gets back. The only criteria is that it must have good food. He said that when he's trying to get through a moment or series of moments at OCS, he thinks about me and food. To which I replied, "so nothing has changed, then?"
  • He made a 99 on his quiz today. I knew he was smart, but seriously...he's SMART.
  • In 10 days, he'll be a Candio and will be able to eat whatever he wants (with a fork and knife!) and have his cell phone. Along with a bunch of other privileges, but that's what he's the most excited about. Speaking of which, I should start assembling the care package...
I can maybe see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. One month from today, I'll be in Newport, hopefully enjoying dinner with the almost-officer. Oh boy.

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