Thursday, April 8, 2010

7 weeks to go!

A few things that you might be interested to know…
  • Mid PFA is on Monday. This is the physical fitness assessment that they have to pass three times throughout OCS. Pray for him, will you? He had some issues with his form last time and “just barely passed.” Of course he only mentioned this after the fact because he didn’t want me to fret.
  • ORLP is on Tuesday. This is the same sort of inspection that he had last week, just dialed down a little and conducted by officers.
  • Academics have picked up and next week, if I’m not mistaken, brings midterms. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about how his tests have gone so far, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re pretty challenging. I’m requesting a full write up of academics, including the types of tests and big evolutions he has coming up, in my Sunday email :)
I also heard that of the 50 that started in his company (Foxtrot) only 28 are left. And historically, only around 45% of the original class graduates on time. That turns my stomach upside down, but I’m praying that the worst is over and that things continue to go well from here on out. I plan to be on a plane in 48 days and I’d rather not tack on anything to that countdown if I don’t have to.
In other news…Charleston this weekend! The girls’ weekend will commence at 8am tomorrow and I. can’t. wait. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, we have spa appointments and a cooking class scheduled…maybe I’ll even find a dress for the Hi Moms dinner?
The last time we were in Charleston, we were celebrating our one year anniversary and we decided to look into the Navy. A lot can happen in a year, eh?

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