Monday, February 6, 2012

weekly snapshots (v8)

Notice anything different? I put my new Photoshop skills to good use and did a little bloggy redesign. What do you think? I kind of love it.

Now here's what the last two weeks have looked like for the Castrodales...

Picnik collage

+ Sitting up like a big boy and studying his giraffe friend, who we've named Josie G. Raffe. Clever, I know.
+ Little buddy woke up earlier than usual with some sniffles and he has the face to prove it.
+ Buckaroo.
+ Brunch at Kitchen Little. I want to do that again and again and again.
+ Church clothes!
+ Dinner: grapes, crackers and brie with apple butter. I also want to do that again and again and again.

Picnik collage

+ More time with Josie.
+ A little quality time with Rudy.
+ Sideways smiles and snuggles.
+ The hoods. They kill me every time.
+ He LOVES to look over my shoulder out the window in the living room. So cute.
+ New toy. Otherwise known as OVERSTIMULATION.

Picnik collage

+ Gah. This picture makes you want to have a baby, doesn't it? Don't lie.
+ We drove around Yale's campus looking for a place to eat when we went to IKEA. We got lost in a not-so-great part of town. Andrew snapped this picture later and said, "Congratulations! You made it out of the ghetto!"
+ About to enjoy lunch at a yummy Greek restaurant.
+ Baklava. Yes, please.
+ Homemade fish tacos for dinner. Best ever.
+ When Andrew dresses Jack, he comes down in a red and black fleece, with a yellow moose hat. Boys.

5 friends said...:

  1. love the new blog look! and we were planning on taking pics of our "feet" like your header this weekend!! so cute!!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! The feet picture is my favorite. So precious.

  2. He's so cute. However, the picture didnt make me want a baby.. But the picture of you made me want a new pair of sunglasses?! I like those.:-)

    1. Ha! Did you ever watch Friday Night Lights? Andrew calls them my Tammy Taylor glasses :)

  3. Look at his little cheeks! So plump + perfect!


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