Tuesday, February 21, 2012

jack: four months


Little boy! You're a third of a year old! Crazy, right?

Every day with you brings so much more joy than the day before. Even with all the difficult and frustrating things that come along with having you in our life, the precious parts of who you are easily outweigh them all.

I feel like this has been a big month for you. You're growing, growing, growing and things that fit two days ago are suddenly too short. You can hold your head up like a champ and you love sitting up. Whether it's in my lap or in your exersaucer or Bumbo, you always get the biggest grin.

You're trying to figure out how to roll over, which is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Okay, maybe it's slightly more terrifying. If only you could figure out how to swing that other chubby little leg of yours over! ;) But you're content to keep trying. You're persistent and we like that about you.

You also went to the church nursery - without crying! - this month. In fact, you were fast asleep when I came downstairs to get you. What a relief that was. The first time you went to the nursery, you cried so much they had to come and get us out of the service. Sorry about that, sweet boy. This time, I was able to enjoy my bible study and I think it was good for you to be around someone other than your parents. And your realtor. You've gotta make friends up here too, you know!

Things you like:
     + Your daddy. I'm sad that he's leaving soon - I know you'll miss him.
     + Being serenaded. You are instantly quieted if I sing Ms. Mary Mack or Hark the Sound, which is a nice little trick for fussy car rides.
     + Josie the giraffe.
     + Feeling our faces. And as of this weekend, taking off Daddy's glasses.
     + Petting Rudy.

Things you don't like:
     + Sleeping at night, apparently.
     + Getting buckled into the car seat.
     + Having your nose wiped. (But really, who does??)

You're napping like a pro and eating like a pro, but your sleep-through-the-night skills are waning. I don't know whether to chalk it up to a growth spurt or teething or just a phase, but we're all tired. Who knows, maybe it's time to introduce a little rice cereal? That makes your mama all kinds of emotional, so let's see if we can find another solution before we jump to that. Pretty please?

You're a treat, sweet boy. Happy Four Months!

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2 friends said...:

  1. Omg I need to do something like this for my daughter.. She's almost 4 months!
    What are the 18 pictures? One for each day of the month?

    1. It's been so fun to do this for him! The 18 pictures are just the pics I take each week on Sundays (the day he was born). I can't believe how much he's changed already!


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