Friday, February 24, 2012

ten random things (v5)

Do y'all like these? Are you bored with it yet? It's a good little brain dump for me at the end of the week and I'm quite enjoying it :)

1. We're closing on our house next week! Woo to the Hoo! Can't wait to actually start LIVING in Connecticut.

2. Our first visitors are coming next week! Andrew's parents are awesome and have offered to come help with the move. However, I think the real story here is that they're coming to see a certain little cutie, but what do I know? ;)

3. Read this post about taking care of friendships. I'll wait....okay. While I'm a big believer in giving grace and second chances and I wish her friend didn't just write her off, the bottom line rang so true with me: you can't use the busyness of life to justify not giving a little TLC to your relationships. A very good reminder, indeed.

4. It snowed this morning. Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and my heart was all "I'm alive! I'm alive!" and then I woke up to a slushiness on the ground that just shut my heart right up. And then all these people down South are talking about how warm and beautiful it is. Here, let me stand really still so you can punch me in the gut.

5. We have a jabberer on our hands. Non-stop and it's pretty adorable. This one's for you, mama.

6. I'm meeting people! I joined a Bible study at a local church on Wednesday mornings and so far, I love it. The little escape is nice: free childcare, good conversation, women I can relate to. But still, every Wednesday there's a little internal battle about whether or not I want to go that morning. Don't ask me why, it doesn't make sense. But I've managed to quiet it (or God's managed to speak louder) and I always go. And never regret it.

7. Someone recommend some good books. I'm in the mood to read, but don't know where to start. I started the Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers, but I haven't been able to get into it so far. Any suggestions?

8. I got my nails did. Last Friday night, after a particularly stressful week, I was close to running away for good. So Andrew sent me off to get a mani/pedi while he handled the bedtime routine. It was awesome, y'all. I loved getting away and not worrying about when to get back. Also, I got a shellac manicure. Have you heard of this? Best ever. It's been a week and my nails look like I just left the salon.

9. We're planning on doing a little submarine watching. Our new neighborhood is just a few miles down the river from the sub base. And the park at the end of our street has the perfect little spot to watch the subs come in and out. We plan on watching Andrew's departures and returns from there. Cool, huh?

10. Pizza, pizza, pizza. I always liked pizza, but they're doing it right up here. I'd never really heard of this New Haven style pizza, but Y'ALL. It's good. I want to eat it every day forever and ever amen.

So there's that. Have a good weekend!

5 friends said...:

  1. I am loving the 10 Little Castrodale things!
    #1 - Congrats on the new home!
    #2 - Andrew's parents are awesome!
    #3 - Life is VERY busy.
    #4 - Sorry! I won't tell you that it is 80 here in sunny SE Georgia today. :)
    #5 - I LOVE baby talk!
    #6 - Church is the best place to meet peeps.
    #7 - These are mostly trash, but really good. Little Bitty Lies, Savannah Breeze, and Deep Dish Author: Mary Kay Andrews
    #8 - I am WAY overdue for a trip like that.
    #9 - Fun!
    #10 - We live on pizza. I must try this kind.

    1. Yay! Now I can keep writing them :)

  2. What makes New Haven pizza special? I absolutely love pizza, but I have never heard of this kind.

    1. It has something to do with the way they season the crust and the way the cook it. I don't really know, but it's the best crust I've ever had!

  3. Page.. Just had to jump in an agree with the first comment... Mary Kay Andrews is GREAT I think you will love her books.


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