Thursday, October 6, 2011

what i want to wear

Because I work from home and because we only go out like once or twice a weekend, I was able to get by with very little by way of maternity clothes. As in, three dresses for church/showers, a handful of tees in basic colors, a nice blouse and two pairs of jeans. And of course, there are those yoga skirts that haven't failed me yet.

I pretty much wear the same thing every time I go to church, every time I go to a doctor's appointment and every time Andrew and I go to dinner. That's not an exaggeration. I do try to spice things up with a cute headband or fun shoes, but it's all pretty predictable. On one hand, I'm thankful for that: we've saved a lot of money by not having to buy "work clothes" for the belly and I'm pretty much always comfortable. But on the other hand?

Girlfriend is ready for some wardrobe variety.

So on this day when I'm not having a baby, but watching Sleepless in Seattle and waiting for Andrew to get home, I decided to put together a few outfit ideas - things I can't wait to wear once I'm not with child.

Ready? Let's go.

Outfit #1: Downtown with my honey and my baby
Picture 1
If I can ever get these hips into my skinny jeans again, I'm pairing them with a yummy oversized knit top, like this one from Anthro and a sweet scarf like this one from Forever21. Also, I have a serious crush on those Steve Madden boots. They're currently in my shopping bag, as I mull over the decision to buy them.

Outfit #2: Errands around town
Picture 4
I can't wait to wear my JCrew boyfriend jeans again because I love them so. And I've been wanting a casual blazer for a while - I just saw one at a local thrift store and I think I should go back for it. Don't you agree? Pair all of that with a fun scarf and comfy flats and I'm good to go. To the grocery store.

Outfit #3: Casual at home
Picture 5
Even if I'm at home all day, I gotta make sure I still catch my boy's eye when he comes home from work :) So I'll rock those boyfriend jeans with a plaid shirt like the one there, but that I actually got on clearance from the men's section (an xs) at JCrew last year. And my burlap Toms, because those are also super comfy, but also really cute.

Outfit #4: Date night!
Picture 6
We'll get out of the house without the baby, I swear. A girl can dream, right? I'd love to wear this sweet dress from Mod Cloth with a fun cranberry cardigan. Because we live in Charleston, I could totally wear something like this in October or November (or December). And there are those boots again! See how versatile they are? :)

The best part? Most of this stuff is already in my closet. Love that. But I'm willing to bet I could get a thrill out of rooting around some sales or thrift stores or consignment shops for a few things. Maybe.

Just another thing to look forward to this fall :)

4 friends said...:

  1. love all your different outfits!! can't wait to wear normal clothes again after baby comes!! :D

  2. 1. The first outfit is my favorite. 2. How did I miss those Steve Maddens?! And now they're sold out!! 3. Isn't ModCloth the best?? 4. I will take care of the child while y'all go out, as long as free room and board are part of the deal.

  3. that was a fun fashion diversion...wish I had those long skinny legs of yours to wear with skinnies and the dress/boots combo! I always love that look but feel so dumpy when I try it myself...I have, like, 2 inches of leg showing! LOL


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