Thursday, October 13, 2011

next stop, tbd

Did you know that Andrew will be getting his assignment in the next few weeks, which means we'll know where we're moving this winter? With all this baby business, I keep forgetting about all the other changes coming our way. We're so excited to find out where we're going and to start thinking of ways to be intentional with our time there. We've said over and over again that it's awesome to be so out of control with all these Navy decisions, because we know that we can only end up where God wants us. And I don't have to worry about screwing it up.

So here are the Top 3 places we could end up. I thought I'd give you the rundown of each place so you can share in the joy/hesitation we might feel when we get the news...

1. San Diego, CA

  • Hello, it's San Diego! The temperature averages 70 degrees for over 200 days out of the year!
  • It's on the west coast, which is different than the east coast (obviously), and we're all about trying new things.
  • Lots to see and do: food, festivals, major league baseball and football, amusement parks, scenery, etc...
  • I have a cousin who lives there and so does Andrew. Family for the win!
  • Remember what I said about the weather?
  • By being based on the west coast, Andrew would get to port in some pretty cool places when he's deployed.
  • West coast means a plane ticket is required to get home and those are $$$
  • The only type of sub out of San Diego is fast attack, which means lots and lots of work, wonky schedules and deployments/underways for Andrew. Boo.
  • Base housing is really hard to get and off-base housing is $$$

2. Groton, CT


  • New England is just so darn charming.
  • It's a short train ride to NYC and you know how we feel about that.
  • It's a short train ride to Boston, which is a place we've always wanted to check out.
  • It's a quick drive to Newport, RI and we love Newport.
  • Clam chowder. And lobster.
  • It's on the east coast and only a 10-hour drive back to NC. While that's still a long drive, it's definitely doable and makes it easier to see family.
  • There's something romantic to me about the idea of living in New England for fall and Christmas. You know how I like my flannel PJs and apple cider and fireplaces and snow!
  • We already know some Navy folks stationed there.
  • As much as I like to romanticize the white Christmas possibility, I know that I won't appreciate the long, cold, wet winters. At all.
  • Andrew's work schedule would be intense, much like in San Diego.
  • It doesn't feel as drastic as moving out to the west coast and if we're going to do this, we want to make the most of it.

3. Bangor, WA

kitsap peninsula

  • Again with the whole west coast thing...
  • Something about the Pacific Northwest culture feels kind of cozy and interesting.
  • Did you see that picture? I don't think I'll have any trouble convincing my family to visit for weeks at a time - my dad and brother will be eager to look for some fish in those waters.
  • The sub Andrew could end up on has a better schedule than the other two locations.
  • Also, there's a small chance that he could end up on the rock star of subs and he gets all excited and cute when he talks about that.
  • Boooo, rainy weather.
  • West coast = more hassle/$$$ to get back home.
  • There doesn't seem to be as much to do as in San Diego and Groton. To be honest, I think it sounds kind of boring, but I might be pleasantly surprised.
  • While Andrew's schedule will be better, if he doesn't get the rock star sub, he'll be on a sub that doesn't have the kind of missions he's hoping for.

The other places we could end up are Pearl Harbor, HI or Norfolk, VA. But that's not very likely. Famous last words, right? Either way, we should find out in about 3ish weeks. Crazy! Don't worry, I'll let you know ASAP so you can decide whether to send me flip-flops or a chunky scarf for Christmas ;)

So, tell me: what do you know about these places? Any pros/cons I should add to my list?

5 friends said...:

  1. i was wondering what happened to HI but then saw it as a number 4 possibility. i'm voting for that one, i'll come visit you ;) good luck with everything!!

  2. My best friend from high school lives in San Diego and she loves it. I have a few friends who live in the Seattle, Washington area, but no one in Bangor. From wheat I hear though, there is a lot of pretty mountains and such to explore.

  3. I know nothing about these places but it's fun that you get to see so much of the country! I'm interested to see where you end up! Just found your blog today and it's fun!

  4. Yeah, I was wondering what happened to Hawaii, too. You know I'm voting for Groton since I spent just about every summer til I was 15 visiting my grandparents in Groton Long Point and Mystic, both just 5-10 minutes away. Of course, to your point, that was in the SUMMERTIME. But still...the northeast is so charming, you're right. I love it that food (clam chowder, lobster) made it on to your "pros" list. You are a woman after my own heart. Hee hee. xoxo

  5. yes, the weather in washington can be dreary after some time, but i'd say don't forget about how close to portland (yeah!), seattle and even canada you'd be! don't miss victoria b.c.

    not much rivals the beauty of the outdoors in the pacific northwest. just sayin'...


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