Monday, October 3, 2011

38 weeks

38 weeks

I've never known a waiting game quite like this, but I can't say it's my favorite.

To have everything ready and to feel this excited, yet to have no idea when the big day will be? Well, that's nothing short of torture. Or an exercise in patience and surrender, if you're looking for the silver lining or something.

There's not much to report on the developmental side of things - the boy is just hanging out, getting ready to make an exit.

We have an ultrasound on Wednesday to make sure he's growing alright. Apparently, my belly is measuring just small enough to almost raise a red flag, so they want to take a look and make sure there isn't anything going on that they should be aware of. The doctor didn't seem terribly concerned and I'm sure that if it was a big issue, they would have scheduled the ultrasound right away instead of tacking it on to the next visit. Either way, a prayer or two would be greatly appreciated.

As for the parents-to-be, we're doing well. Andrew's staying busy, I'm trying to do the same and we're making the most of the time we have together in between.

Any guesses on whether he'll be early, on time or late? We're really hoping and praying that he comes maybe five days early - Andrew is more likely to be given some time off if he comes during that part of his schedule than if he comes later.

So please, pray for early :)

3 friends said...:

  1. What a great photo and great update. Can't wait--just like you--for the big day. You're in my prayers daily. Keep us posted. xoxoxo

  2. awww hoping he comes early for you too! i soo want to meet him!! ;) so crazy that you are full term now!!

  3. I would like for him to be there sometime NOT between October 9th and 14th. That creates a conflict for the sub I have lined up. Now considering both of your personalities, along with the anecdotal evidence I have supporting a correlation between personality and delivery date, he will be fashionably early. You know, not so early to be strange, but early enough to have allowed for contingencies. Prepared-early. Unless he has Aunt Laura's genes, in which case he'll be laaaaaaaaate.


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