Monday, July 19, 2010

warning: you might cry

One thing that I have NOT gotten tired of since Andrew graduated OCS is walking around with him in uniform. The day we flew home from Newport, he was in his summer whites. Ladies pointed, kids stared, gentleman gave the head nod. It's a proud moment for a wife to walk next to her hubs when he represents something so humbling.

This past Friday, we had to go on base during lunch so I could get a new military ID. He was "conducting official business" so he had to wear his uniform. When we stopped by Chick-fil-a on the way home for lunch, I was enjoying all of the sideglances, per usual. What I didn't expect, was this:

An older woman stopped by our table, put her hand on Andrew's shoulder and said, "I just want to thank you for what you do. It means a lot to me to see men in the service and I hope you know that we appreciate it." This is not uncommon, so Andrew kindly thanked her and we expected to continue with our lunch. But then she looked at me, put her hand on MY shoulder and said, "And I hope you know how I much I appreciate YOU. If it wasn't for your support and encouragement, he couldn't do what he's doing, so thank you."

Folks, I really REALLY almost cried. I choked out a thank you, with a quick nod, hoping that she would know the impact she'd had with such kind words. Andrew thanked her too, saying that no one thinks about my role in all of this. Which made me even more emotional, that he would be so quick to acknowledge my sacrifice.

The lady left and we finished our lunch and headed about our way. But I haven't been able to get her off my mind. Thanks, Chick-fil-a lady, for making my day.

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