Sunday, July 11, 2010

i got the fever

Let me tell you something, folks. I'm feeling crafty. I spend way too many hours at a time perusing thrifty craft blogs and all it does it make me want to find something grungy at Goodwill and turn it into something fabulous. I almost convinced Andrew to let me take home the most hideous, disease-infested avocado and orange striped FURRY chair today, thinking that I could recover it. Thankfully, he had the presence of mind to sweetly remind me of how difficult that task would be. And how it's unlikely that I would have the patience to complete it. And how we didn't bring any latex gloves to wear for carting it out of the store.

But seriously. I want to buy hardware from Anthro and put it on old pieces of furniture to give it some flair. I want to put molding in a square on the wall in the guest bedroom to frame some pics we took downtown. I want to figure out what to do with the awkward space in our living room. I want to paint the portable island in our kitchen. Aaahhhhh, somebody give me a staple gun!!

But here's what I'm telling myself: BE PATIENT. Page, you will not find every piece of inspiration at the Habitat Restore in one trip. You will not have time to sew pillows, paint your rocking chairs and organize your office/craft corner in one weekend. And you should not try to build your own nightstand. Trust me on this. Above all else, take it one day at a time. Geez.

In order to keep track, here's what we have on the list:
  • Turn our antique secretary, into a mail center and a place to pay the bills.
  • Paint that kitchen island and figure out how to make it more functional.
  • Hang some pictures. Somewhere.
  • Turn the school desk I DID buy at Goodwill into a nightstand, replacing the one I butchered last weekend.
  • Give this blah black and white lamp to my right some flair.
  • Re-sew the pillows on the couch and figure out why the stitching came out to begin with.
  • Consider this for my own kitchen canister-dilemma.
  • Sew a valence for the kitchen window.
  • Recover the ottoman for our bedroom.
  • Find a wingback chair for SO cheap that I can pay a professional to reupholster it.
Somebody stop me.

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