Sunday, July 25, 2010

memory lane

Oh man. This week feels forever long and super quick, all at once. We got home from Concord last weekend (which included an IKEA trip...more on that later) and I didn't unpack because I knew we'd be hitting the road again on Wednesday. I had to be in Durham for work, so I talked my roadtrip buddies into coming along for the ride. 10pm on Friday and we were back in SC, confused about what day of the week it was.

We stayed with my parents, which is always a treat, so I made the trek out to the office twice - traveling past our old haunt. When I passed the exit for our very first apartment, I was struck with how nostalgic it felt. We moved out not even a year ago (wow) but it feels like a lifetime ago. In a lot of ways, it was a completely different world. Side note: I just realized that we've lived three different places in the last year. Holy smokes, I need a little consistency in my life.

The time we spent in that apartment was We were completely in love and COMPLETELY happy. Really, we were so content with our life. And we didn't have much. We were on one income for a majority of the time, for crying out loud, and we never felt troubled. God was/is so good. We had the perfect space for two newlyweds, a ton of hand-me-downs that made our house a home and a place that was all us. A little bit of Andrew, a little bit of Page. Perfect.

Then came Rudy - the little disruptive homewrecker that he was - and whisperings of other big changes, and we set our life on a course that would change everything. We moved out so we could get a yard for the dog in a neighborhood where Andrew felt comfortable leaving me behind. And you know all about the leaving me behind part.

So there I was, driving down I-40, past the exit that headed back in our former direction and I was amazed at how much has changed. When we were in Concord, Andrew was looking at one of our engagement pictures framed in his room and his mom commented that the people in that picture had no idea of the life ahead of them. Understatement of the century.

But we're here and the funny thing is that we're still completely in love and COMPLETELY happy. It's not simple by any stretch of imagination, but it's perfect. Perfect for us.

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