Monday, May 3, 2010

packages of care

Andrew's been gone 58 days. 8 weeks. 2 months.

Somewhere around day 13, I decided that when he was finally given the privilege of receiving care packages, I was going to make a Mississippi Mud. His fave. A recipe his mother inherited when she and her husband were engaged - a recipe that I have inherited to keep my husband just as happy as she's kept hers for the last 30+ years. He asked me for it weeks ago and he's been talking about it ever since. How could I not??

I wanted to add other stuff, too. I (seriously) have looked forward to putting this care package together for weeks. I have had trouble falling asleep at night wondering what to put in it. Out of control, I know. What can I say? I love the boy. And I adore speaking his love languages.

So, what made the cut? The cake, of course. Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter, because I've watched him toil over many a jar, mixing it to the right consistency. A sacrifice worth making for good peanut butter. And because in the middle of the most depressing "I hate the food here" letter ever, he said: I just want a PB&J.

Then there's the chocolate-covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's. My husband, with a taste for all things bitter, keeps his little stash beside the couch for a post-dinner snack. Stick these in his stocking at Christmas and you're golden.

Keeping in the bitter theme, extra bold Espresso Roast coffee (a la Starbucks). He'll brew it strong, strong, strong and drink it black. I have to take over coffee-making duties when we have company, because he'll hurt their tummies without even thinking twice. He went on and on during one of our phone calls about smelling coffee from the Candio lounge a few weeks ago and I decided then that the boy needed some good coffee.

He also asked for his headphones so he can listen to Pandora on his iPhone. His wish is my command. And finally, forks. Because seriously, it's about time don't you think?

Tomorrow, the FedEx man will take this little package of care to my officer-to-be. And when he opens it, we'll be just 21 days away from seeing each other. 3 weeks. Less than a month.

Hallelujah for that.

1 friends said...:

  1. First of all, that cake looks SO GOOD. Second of all, I wish my coffee weren't stale because seeing yours makes me want some right now. Third of all, I used this posting as an example on my SmartBoard for author's purpose last week. We decided your purpose was to inform us about the things you were putting in Andrew's care package and why. I was the only one who got it right on the first try, clearly, because I'm the one who decided what the answer should be. So thanks for being a good writer and giving me fodder for the little brains!


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