Monday, June 18, 2012


Technically, my birthday started at midnight last night. Andrew and I were still awake, refusing to acknowledge the end of a lovely weekend, when the clock struck twelve and he wished me a happy birthday with such enthusiasm that I couldn't help but grin like a kindergartner.

Then my other boy took it upon himself to sleep in this morning, which was kind of the best gift ever.

My day was filled with sweet messages and cards, Starbucks and a lunch date, flowers, phone calls and lots of being thankful for this past year. Now I've got my feet up and there's a cupcake waiting for me in the kitchen. I'd call today a success.


I knew that this past year was going to be a big one. And it absolutely was.

I started to learn about giving myself grace.
I got a little scared about becoming a mom.
I realized how much there is to be thankful for.
We grew into life as a family of three.
I realized that life with a baby is different. Again.
I celebrated my first Mother's Day.
We learned to be apart. And to be together again.

It was a big year. A big, hard, scary, good year. And at the end of 25, I just feel thankful and happy.

26? Let's do this.

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