Sunday, June 17, 2012

his first father's day

I watched Andrew open his card "from Jack" this morning and couldn't help but get all kinds of emotional as he looked at Jack more than the card itself. At the sleepy-eyed boy in my arms who made him a dad eight months and one day ago. I didn't know who I wanted to thank more - my husband for giving me my son, or my son for bringing out these qualities in my husband.

Every day (really) I am amazed at how good Andrew is at all of this. My knees get a little weak when I see him stop what he's doing just to sit in the floor with our son. Or when I hear him whispering to him in the rocking chair down the hall when painful gums are keeping him from sleeping. Or when he loses his train of thought because Jack smiles at him and he can't say anything except how cute he is.

Sometimes all I can do breathe out a desperate thank you to the One who gave us this man. Because there are so many things in this ridiculous life of ours that are uncertain, but this I know for sure: my son and I will never put our head on our pillow at night without knowing that we are loved.

2 friends said...:

  1. Beautiful...God gave you the words that so many of us forget to say, caught up in the day to day drama of life. But there truly is no value that can be placed on a husband and father who truly loves his family. Thank you for the perfect reminder.

  2. *sigh* i. cannot. wait.

    also, wishing you a very VERY happy birthday mama. we miss you bunches around here but i love keeping up with your sweet story through your blog and instagram. hope you have a blessed day, because you deserve it.


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