Thursday, June 21, 2012

eight months with jack

Baby Jack,

That right there is the face of a little boy who didn't feel good, but couldn't shake his sweet spirit if he tried. 

I think I love that the most about you.

You amaze me. Every day, you make me feel like it's the best day ever. You're always cuter, sweeter, funnier and smarter than the day before. Watching you figure this world out is just the sweetest gift and you've turned your parents into those parents who just gush and gush about how great you are. We get so much joy out of watching you do your thing and the best (the best!) is when you realize you're being watched and flash that toothy grin of yours. Wrapped around you finger, we are.

Also, you have handle dimples. You're too much.

These days, you love music, standing, splashing, putting things in your mouth, people who talk to you, Cheerios, Daddy's badge, waking up and being thrown into the air.

And Rudy, of course. You two are just the best of buddies.

You do not love having your diaper/clothes changed, watermelon, being put down for a nap, not being able to put something in your mouth, being on your stomach in the middle of the night (so hey, you should roll back over!) or teething. In fact, we all hate teething.

I'm noticing that the more you learn and grow, the more independent you're becoming. You used to be perfectly content to sit in my lap, but now there are things to do! Buckets to empty! Things to chew on! Puppies to play with!

Go do those things, little boy. You go have all the adventure your little eight-month-old self can handle.

We love you.

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