Monday, June 11, 2012

a visit from family + a little DIY + a promotion

How's that for summing up a lot in one post?

Last weekend, Andrew's parents flew in to spend a long weekend with us. It was such a treat to have that time with them - especially since they haven't seen Andrew since January, what with his aquatic adventures and all.

There was a lot of story-telling over meals and bird-watching and Groton-touring and baby-snuggling and daydreaming about house projects. Speaking of house projects, Andrew and his dad got us started on our bathroom reno by tackling the vanity. I know I keep teasing you with that, but I promise the big reveal is coming soon. Let me just get some paint on the walls, mmmk?

The other big news of last week is that Andrew got promoted! I was able to go down to the boat for the pinning while Jack stayed with Nonni and Grandpa. I was thankful to be a part of that - I'm proud of that boy for everything he's been through over the last two years. I'm proud of myself, too, for that matter. Where's my pin?

And Jack says, "Promoted? Yesssssss!"

I'm embarrassed to say that we took no other pictures. Probably because we were just too busy having fun. 

We were sad to see them go, that's for sure. They're some of the sweetest, most generous people I know and I'm thankful to call them family. And I'm not just saying that because of all the manual labor they provide when they visit.

Although that doesn't hurt either ;)

4 friends said...:

  1. You're right! Your in-laws are wonderful people!

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  3. Oh I feel the in-law appreciation! Sometimes we struggle with living so close to them, but I would be rude to neglect how kind and helpful they are! It's a real gift. Congrats on the pinning (and to you too!) that's a big deal!

  4. Thanks for the props, Page. We think you are pretty cool, too! :) (And we had a wonderful time, even if we don't have the pictures to prove it!)


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