Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the nursery, part 2 (all the deets!)

Welcome back, friends. Remember this cuteness?


Of course you do! How could you forget?! ;)

I thought I'd come back with a (long) rundown of everything in the room. When I first started thinking about the nursery, I knew that I didn't want to do something super "themey" unless it was with colors and patterns. Also, I wasn't really feeling all the pastel colors out there - which makes for a challenge when in the nursery-decorating department.

I started by looking at fabric, trying to find something that I could build the room around. I didn't find anything, but I found myself drawn to mustard yellow and gray. Sounds like a good place to start, right? The rest just kind of fell together.

Ready for the details? Warning: it's like an IKEA catalogue up in here, just so you know.

  1. Zebra print from IKEA. I've loved it since the first time I set foot in that store, but never had a reason to get it. It was one of the last things we picked up for the room, but I think it's perfect. And my artist uncle says that the "high contrast black and white" is "perfect art" for a baby. Score!
  2. Crib from IKEA. I never, ever thought I'd get a crib from there, but it was rated one of the safest (and most affordable!) by the Baby Bargains book that I've come to know and love. It was natural when we bought it and we painted it gray (Porcelain Shale by Olympic). Also, the crib was too low for us tall people, so Andrew made some adorable crib risers out of a tree stump. I love them, I love them, I love them.
  3. Yellow chevron crib skirt. I made this myself. Andrew actually found the fabric when I brought him with me to Joann Fabric. He wins!
  4. Dark Gray lamp from IKEA. It's super easy to turn on, dim and turn off, which was something I was looking for. I'm not trying to fumble over a difficult switch with a sleeping baby in my arms, amen?
  5. Little Castle glider from Bellini in Charlotte. Also recommended by Baby Bargains, I found this chair at a boutique that carries the Little Castle brand in Charlotte. I really wanted a nice, fully-upholstered glider and ottoman for the nursery and I was SO glad to find this chair in our price range! And Andrew's sweet parents gave us the ottoman. I'll think of them every time I'm in that chair in the middle of the night...
  6. Green shag rug from Pier 1. You can't see it very well in this picture, but the rug is really fun. I actually got it when we moved into this house last year, but it was too small for the living room and I loved it too much to return it. I'm so glad I held on to it!
  7. Blue and white curtains from IKEA. I think they might be discontinued and when the Charlotte store didn't have any in stock, I sweet-talked them into giving me the display curtains.

  1. Yellow and white floral curtain ties. I made these out of coordinating fabric that we found when we got the yellow chevron.
  2. IKEA spice racks turned bookshelves. I don't even know where I first saw this, but I've had the idea stored away for a long time. I got a sample of paint (Valspar Putting Green) and painted them myself.
  3. Cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. Also painted with a paint sample, but I can't remember the name of the yellow that I picked out.
  4. Grass thingies. That's the official name. From World Market.

  1. Gallery wall. The frames are from IKEA and the prints are a combo of things I found on Etsy and some that I designed myself. More on that in a different post, because this one is already mega-long.
  2. Changing pad. I wasn't feeling the cover that was on it, so I made this one out of a super soft gray towel. Absorbent AND easy to remove for washing. Good and good.
  3. Hemnes dresser from IKEA. It's amazing, right? I love it. The storage, the color, the lines. Love, love, love.
  4. Blue and white lamp. It's from Target and was originally in my office. But it looks way cuter in here.


The bookshelf is one of a pair that we already had in the office. I just glued some gray tweed-ish fabric to the back for a little contrast.
  1. Wooden giraffe. Made in Kenya. Found a thrift store by Andrew's cousin and gifted to him a LONG time ago. Stolen by me when I spotted it on a shelf the last time we were in Concord.
  2. Boy art. My mom made this out of wrapping paper that she saved from her shower when she was pregnant with me. So sweet.
  3. Stuffed animals. Cute and cute. The giraffe is from my aunt and the lamb is from a close friend of hers (who means a lot to our family because she introduced Aunt Rita and her husband a few years ago!)
  4. Books, books, books. At the shower in Concord, guests were asked to bring a book instead of a greeting card. These books and the sweet notes written inside are so precious to us. Can't wait to read through them with my boy.
  5. Chalkboard sign. I made this by spray-painting chalkboard paint on the glass of an old picture frame. The verse is Ezra 7:9, part of which says "for the gracious hand of God was on him." A little nod to our son's name ;)
  6. Misc stuff hider. I made this curtain out of leftover fabric from the crib skirt. And it's hiding the random things that I couldn't find a place for. Like the basket full of pacifiers that we've accumulated.
Last thing! Here are two close-ups of things you maybe couldn't see very well in any of the other pics: the crib risers and the curtain ties...

Picnik collage

Phew! Did I cover it all? I've gotten a few emails about some of the furniture, but if I missed anything that you're wondering about, let me know.

I hope you love it as much as I do :)

5 friends said...:

  1. Such a handsome room! I like the colors and patterns (I'm not a huge fan of theme rooms either). I'll definitely have to file away some of these ideas (spice racks for book holders? perfect!) for my own home someday.

  2. 1. I love it!
    2. I need to invest in a sewing machine and take some classes from you!

  3. Love it all! Makes me want to have another baby. Oh, wait...what am I saying?!

  4. Hi,
    I came across your old blog"thrifty, nifty and wise" today and read your last post. I thank you for your honesty and for going back to what is truly important which is your family. I am a brand new blogger,my name is Selidji and my husband and I just had a baby boy named Yemi. I love your nursery,so cute. I have a question: you said the frames from the gallery wall was from Ikea, what kind(brand) are they. I love to do a gallery wall in our son's bedroom.


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