Sunday, August 21, 2011

32 weeks

32 weeks

Eight weeks, people. Give or take. I keep thinking of it as "at least eight weeks" but then it could really be six or seven.


This week, there's not much to report except he's growing, growing, growing. He weighs a little under four pounds and is about 16 and a half inches long. And apparently, he'll gain a third to half of his birth weight just in the next few weeks. Go, baby, go!

Andrew and I had an awesome weekend. He started "on crew" tonight which means he's working this schedule for the next four months:

7 mids (12-hour overnight shifts)
2 days off
7 days (12-hour daytime shifts)
2 days off
7 swings (11a-11p)
2 days off
4 days of wonky hours that we aren't sure about yet
4 days off

And repeat. Fun, right? Anyway, we soaked up what's left of normalcy this weekend by staying up late, sleeping in, eating cake, watching Netflix and snuggling. All of that really happened. It was wonderful, but it also made it reeeaally hard to kiss him goodnight at the front door when he left for work an hour ago.

But so it goes. Only a few more months and then we're on to the next thing, whatever that thing is. The Navy is good at keeping us on our toes like that.

Hooyah, shipmate :)

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  1. "staying up late, sleeping in, eating cake, watching Netflix and snuggling"



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