Wednesday, August 3, 2011

baby shower, round two

Alternatively titled: The one with a whole lot of ridiculously cute baby clothes.
Or: The one with a lot of pictures because I just got a new camera lens and then put my sister-in-law in charge of taking pics.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

This past weekend, Andrew and I headed back to NC for another baby shower in Charlotte - this time with close friends and family. My Aunt Rita, who is also our boy's godmother, hosted the shower at her house.

And y'all? It was perfect.

Not surprisingly, the food was delicious and the decorations were beautiful.


My favorite? The pictures of my mom and grandmother from their baby showers. The cupcakes were also amazing. And the cake bites. And the broccoli salad.

It was all very, very good.

The boys got food, too. Aunt Rita does not disappoint. She had a spread set up for them in the game room.

boys food
See how happy that made them?

But it wasn't just about the food! Of course there were games...

By the way, Laura loses for thinking I'm twice as big as I actually am.

And there was a good amount of silliness...


And then there were lots and lots of presents. Cute, adorable, precious presents.


The gifts weren't just for me either. My mom inherited a blanket that my grandmother's Sunday school class made when her first grandchild was coming along (that would be me!).

mom's blanket

Andrew got a little something, too...


I can't tell you how much I love these ladies - the sweet women in my family, in Andrew's family, some of my best friends - all of them make my heart so happy.




LOVE this pic, by the way.

It was a good day. It was a very, very good day that left us feeling so blessed.

And now I leave you with this...

Why, who is that woman behind the camera? That would be Aunt Laura, of course! Thanks for being my personal photog for the day!

Happy times, folks. Happy times.

5 friends said...:

  1. aww what a beautiful baby shower!!!! you still look sooo small and you're definitely glowing!!!

  2. This was awesome Page! My mouth is hurting from smiling while looking at the photo's and reading every word. I love you!

  3. Thanks, Sandy! I don't feel small, that's for sure :) So thanks for the encouragement!!

  4. What a PERFECT SHOWER. Durenda knows how to throw an unforgettable event, and she pulled out all the stops for you and your little guy. I know you feel so special. Can I tell you how much I hated to miss this? Now more than ever, seeing the pictures?! Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh!! You are the prettiest preggers woman I've ever seen...and I can't believe that shot of you with your legs crossed. That should be physically impossible at your stage of pregnancy, haha! Love the photos; Laura has a great eye. :) Love the photo of you and your mom with hands on belly....your little guy is SO LOVED. Hugs to you. Miss you like CRAZY.

  5. Fab shower, Aunt Rita!!!!! The game room buffet for the guys was such a good idea!


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