Thursday, August 18, 2011

my pregnancy survival kit


Also known as, Things I Love The Most While Pregnant.
  1. Target's Long and Lean tank tops. Definitely the best part of my maternity wardrobe. Way better than anything ever made specifically for a pregnant lady. They're soft, cool, good for layering and I have about ten. No, really.
  2. Baby Bargains. Losing sleep over what kind of stroller to buy? Look it up. Need to pick a crib? Look it up. Have no idea what kind of "nursing" clothes to buy? Look it up.
  3. Palmer's Lotion for Stretch Marks. Who knows if this is what's kept me from getting stretch marks, but it sure does make my tummy less itchy.
  4. Breyer's Coffee Ice Cream. When I was in my first trimester and scared of caffeine, I would make a milkshake out of this stuff and it was euphoric. Still is.
  5. Men's vintage tees from Target. Not the studly man model, just his shirt. The men's small is big enough to fit over the belly, without swallowing me whole. And you can't even imagine how soft they are. It's amazing. And I have five.
  6. Stretchy pants! These have been with me since the beginning. I wear them A LOT. Pair it with one of those vintage tees and ohhhh man, I'm comfortable.
  7. Body pillow. Affectionately called Fernando. Andrew's not a fan because he thinks that "Fernando is coming between us." And he is. But at least I'm comfortable, right? Also, it's temporary. Probably.
  8. Milk. Y'all. I've never been a big milk drinker, unless it was with cereal or cookies. But this has probably been my one consistent craving and we go through at least two gallons a week. Just the two of us. AND we buy organic milk, so our milk budget is a little busted right now. Oh well, baby needs calcium. And you only have until you're 30 to build strong bones!
  9. Mini cradle. Last, but absolutely not least. The back pain has been my biggest complaint. Sometimes I just lie on my back across the bed because it's the only time I'm completely comfortable and I tearfully ask God to please, please, please make it stop. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Wah. But this thing definitely helps when I wear it consistently and we're besties, even if I feel like I'm wearing a girdle. Which is never a good feeling when you're pregnant, by the way.
So there it is. What's your pregnancy must-have?

3 friends said...:

  1. i think i need to buy that girdle!! looks like it would help me with the back pain i get sometimes too!! i heard the snoogle pillow is great too but i haven't bought it yet.. altho looks like you already have fernando haha!! ohh that reminds me i need to go buy some more organic milk now!!!

  2. The fact that you can wear a "long and lean" tank when you're pregnant is cracking me up. You are the cutest, slimmest pregnant lady ever. I told Mike the other day that you should be a pregnancy model. I was like a beached whale. You remember...

  3. How do you make these collages and put all the pics into one?


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