Wednesday, August 10, 2011

how i became a mrs. (part 10, the finale)

In the spirit of not talking about the baby and because it's been, ohhhh, three months since I shared any more of our looove story, I decided to wrap it up.

I present to you, Part 10 of How I Became a Mrs. If you're new, you can start here.

The day I married that boy was such a sweet, sweet day. I was so excited about our marriage and I couldn't wait to share it with the people we loved most. We were hopelessly giddy about the whole thing.

It was cold and rainy and windy, because the weather in NC is unpredictable in March, but the only time I remember being bothered by it was when I was getting out of my mom's car to head into the church. I had just gotten my hair done and I didn't want it to get messed up. Obviously.


Everyone bustled about and I remember feeling very calm and detached. Not in a bad way - in the kind of way that allows you to sit back and take it all in and feel very happy about the moment. It was a very, very good kind of detached.


My grandmothers were the first of family (besides my mom and Aunt Rita) to see me, followed by Mir and my dad. I grew more and more emotional with each visit. I was so thankful to share the day with these people and I was very aware of how they each helped get me to that place.


Kristi Lee prayed over me and the day and our marriage and then it was show time. When my dad went to walk my mom down to her seat, I was left alone for the first time all day. I finally let the big cry have its way with me and I sobbed in the hallway of the church basement. And by the time my dad came back, I was done. He helped me up the stairs in my big dress and in the sweetest and most gentle way I'd ever heard him speak, he asked me if I was okay and if I was ready.

I was so, so ready.

The music played outside the closed doors and then stopped. Andrew was being addressed by Miles, a dear discipler of his in college. He was asking him if he was prepared to take the responsibility as my husband and if he knew what that meant as a follower of Christ. Andrew said yes and I smiled on the other side of the door because that was exactly why I was marrying him.


Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring started to play, the doors opened and we started the walk. Andrew was beaming. I was beaming. My dad was trying not to cry. I wanted to take it all in - the smiling friends and family that we passed on each row, the way my dad held me steady, the way so many of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were looking at Andrew to see his reaction. In a blink, I was at the end of the aisle.


The ceremony was full of precious words and scripture and songs, shared by some of the best people we know. When I was planning the wedding, I spent the most time on the ceremony because I wanted it to be personal and full of sentiment. I've never regretted that.


We said our I wills and our I dos and headed back down the aisle to picture-taking and the reception and a life that has been so full. It's only been three and a half years and sometimes my breath catches at how full it has truly been.


Y'all? I can't believe that God allowed Andrew to find me. I can't believe that he's the one I get to navigate this life with, have a child with, build a home with. I just can't believe it.

But I've never, ever stopped being thankful for it.

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